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5 Precautions For Daily Operation Of Jaw Crusher Plant

Jaw crusher plant has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, convenient maintenance, low production cost, etc. It is widely used in mining industry. The operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher plant is very important. Improper operation and maintenance or negligence in operation are often important causes of accidents. Proper operation and maintenance is beneficial to the improvement of crusher productivity. Let's take a look at five aspects of the operation of the jaw break.

Preparation before driving

Check whether the main parts are intact, whether the connecting parts like fastening bolt are loose, and whether the safety device is complete;

Check whether the feeding equipment, conveying equipment and electrical equipment are in good condition;

Check whether the lubrication device is in good condition and whether the cooling water pipe valve is open.

Start and normal operation

Start up according to the operating procedure, which means starting sequence is the reverse production flow;

When starting the main motor, pay attention to the indication of the ammeter on the control cabinet. After 20 to 30 seconds, the current will drop to the normal working current value;

Adjust and control feeding to make feeding even. The particle size of the material shall not exceed 80% to 90% of the width of the inlet;

General sliding bearing temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ and rolling bearing temperature should not exceed 70 ℃;

When the electrical equipment automatically trip, if the reason is unknown, it is strictly prohibited to forcibly start continuously;

In case of mechanical failure or personal accident, stop the vehicle immediately.

Parking precautions

The parking order is opposite to the starting order, which means you should follow the direction of production flow;

Only when the crusher is stopped, can the lubrication and cooling system be stopped. In winter, the circulating cooling in the bearing should be removed to prevent the bearing from being frozen and cracked;

Clean up and inspect all parts of the machine after the machine is stopped.
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