Shanhu Group

Social Responsibility

Shanhu plans future by virtue of its profound insight. It follows its long-standing tradition of innovation, implements the strategy of "Chinese Drive for the World", expands its presence under "The Belt and Road Initiative", makes a contribution to the world, and strives to establish its crushers and motors as famous brands in the world arena.

We will implement a sustainable scientific development concept, actively develop green products that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and be responsible for the environment and society. At the same time, knowing the importance of talent and technology, we have always adhered to the concept of 'Talent is the first productive force.' and 'Technology is the first resource.' since 1984. Shanhu has been cultivating professional talents and accumulating power for the future.

Shanhu Group has continued to implement excellent quality management and Chinese brand planning over several years. We have solidified the foundation for development and promoted the "global, green, smart, sustainable" development strategy.

The Group has always been willing to invest heavily for high quality, and the company's development history is also a process of updating advance equipment and improving the high-quality products. Both the mining machinery business and the motor business have a large number of large-scale and advance finishing machines to ensure high-quality products.
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