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Advantages of Conical Crusher in Second Stage Granite Crushing

China is rich in granite resources. It is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar or biotite and other minerals. Because it is not easy to weathering, hard texture and beautiful color, it is loved by architectural decoration projects. It is known as the "King of Rocks". After processing, broken granite can be widely used in construction, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries.

Granite crushing can be widely used in water resources, hydropower, highway, railway, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries. Granite is a good building stone with high hardness and moderate compressive strength. Because of the high content of needle-flake and internal crack gravel in granite gravel, if it is processed into stone for building specifications, it is necessary to produce three or more grades of crushing or shaping with a conical sand machine to ensure the grain size of the stone (needle-flake or less). Granite is very abrasive, and wear-resistant parts of the equipment are very high in the process of crushing. However, for the traditional impact crusher and hammer crusher whose principle is to strike iron with stone, wear-resistant parts are worse. Therefore, in the crushing process design, the crushing equipment based on lamination principle can be selected to reduce wear-resistant parts.

The cone crusher is recommended here as granite crushing equipment, especially in the case of secondary crushing on the granite crushing production line. When using cone crusher for crushing, you will find that it is really suitable for production. Its advantage is really that other machines do not have, which mainly depends on its breaking characteristics. Firstly, the cone crusher crushes the material by extrusion, and the wear loss of the wear-resistant parts of the equipment is relatively low by lamination crushing. Secondly, the cone crusher has less vulnerable parts than the traditional crushing equipment such as E-break and counter-break. Then the finished sand and stone products are excellent. After cone crusher treatment, the needle flake content of granite material is less, and the high-quality cubic finished material is up to 90%. Moreover, the unique design of the dilute oil lubrication system and the precise manufacturing technology of the wear-resistant parts have greatly prolonged the service life of the granite cone crusher. Finally, although the price of cone breaking is relatively expensive, the later maintenance is relatively simple, which saves not only the later cost but also the time.
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