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A summary of the basalt crusher

The volume density of the basalt is 2.8-3.3g/cm3. The compressive strength of the compacted
basalt is very high, up to 300 MPa, sometimes higher, while the strength decreases with the presence of glass and pore. Basalt has high durability, many joints, and many joints are hexagonal. Because of its brittleness, it is difficult to extract large blocks of stone. Because of the common stomata and almond structure, although basalt is widely distributed on the surface, it can not be used as decorative stone.

An introduction to the basalt crusher

Basalt crusher is suitable for crushing hard, medium hard and soft materials with compressive strength less than 300 Mpa and moisture less than 35%. It can be widely used in mining, thermoelectricity, cement, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. The machine has the characteristics of low maintenance fee, reliable performance, less dust and low noise.

Basalt crusher uses two high-strength wear-resistant alloy rollers to crush materials by high extrusion force produced by relative rotation. When material enters the gap between two rollers (V-shaped crushing chamber), it is subjected to extrusion force and shear force of relative rotation of two rollers. Under extrusion, shearing and grinding, the material is crushed into the required size after delivery by conveying equipment.

Advantages of Basalt Crusher

Light weight and compact structure
High yield
The shape of the product is cubic and can be broken selectively.
Unique counterattack gear plate, keyless connection
Reliable work and convenient maintenance

Common Problems of Basalt Crusher Equipment

1. Where are the dangerous areas of crusher rotor mainly distributed?
According to the simulated stress analysis nephogram made by finite element structural analysis, it can be clearly seen that the dangerous area of crusher rotor mainly distributes in the handle of hammer head, hammer disc shaft hole, hammer disc external aid, hammer shaft and Initial shoulder of spindle bearing position.
2. What are the main faults of the crusher rotor with transition wear?
The main faults of basalt crusher are as follows: serious wear and tear of axle hole and outer edge of hammer disc; fracture of hammer shaft, cracking of hammer disc, failure of locking device, displacement of main shaft, heating of bearing, damage of bearing, deformation and even fracture of main shaft.
3. What are the benefits of regular maintenance of rotors?
Everything should be established beforehand, but not abolished beforehand. Regular maintenance of the rotor can greatly prolong the service life of the rotor, reduce the failure rate of the crusher, improve the utilization rate of the crusher, and effectively improve the output of the crusher.

What is the main content of rotor overhaul?

The main contents of rotor overhaul are: checking and straightening the hammer shaft and spindle of basalt crusher, checking and repairing the locking device, repairing the outer edge of the rotor hammer disk or replacing the hammer disk, repairing, replacing and grading the hammer head of basalt crusher, cleaning and maintaining the bearing, bearing seat and sealing device.

What are the main contents and matters needing attention in repairing the rotor spindle?

It has the characteristics of large journal, difficult heating, long heating time and uneven temperature control. The following five points should be paid attention to in straightening.
1) The applied straightening force should not be too strong to prevent the spindle from cracking at the hidden crack.
2) When the bending is large, straightening should be carried out several times.
3) The correction value should exceed the bending value of the shaft appropriately to eliminate the influence of the spring-back deformation of the shaft after the straightening force is removed.
4) When straightening, stay for a period of time after adding straightening force. At the same time, tap lightly along the axis surface with a small lead hammer to eliminate internal stress and prevent deformation after straightening.
5) In the straightening process, the bending value of the shaft should be continuously measured until it meets the standard. That is, the bending value should not exceed 0.06mm when the shaft is between 200 and 300, and the bending value of straightened shaft should not exceed 0.1-0.15mm.

What is the main content of repairing the rotor hammer disc of basalt crusher?

Install the hammer plate. Attention should be paid to checking the coordination of keys and key ways, and to ensure that each hammer plate is close to each other. Check whether the locking device is out of order and replace it if necessary to prevent the hammer plate from moving and the spindle from shifting.

What are the main contents of hammer head repair and gradation of basalt crusher?

The main contents of repairing and grading the hammer head of basalt crusher are as follows:
Hammer head is the main working part of basalt crusher. The hammer plate is divided into equal parts along the circumference fraction, and is equipped with N hammers. The adjacent hammers are staggered. The hammer head of the basalt crusher can make 360 degree full rotation. When the front edge of the hammer head is worn to 2/3 of the width, the flanging of the hammer head can be used. After wearing, the hammer head can be surfacing wear-resistant alloy, which can save a lot of metal consumption.

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