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The granite used in the granite production line is evenly fed into jaw crusher by vibration feeder for rough crushing, and then fed into counterattack crusher for secondary crushing of stone. If you want small particles such as stones, you can configure the number of layers of vibrating screen according to the size of stones you need. If you need two kinds of finished stones, you can configure two layers of vibrating screen. If it is used in sand making, it is necessary to crush the sand with ultra-fine grain size. Through the crusher of the sand making machine, 0-5mm sand can be obtained. Then the mud and some impurities in the sand can be cleaned by the sand washing machine, and the clean sand and stone can be obtained.

Origin of Granite Production Line

Production line diagram Granite is an igneous rock formed by the condensation of magma beneath the surface. Its main components are feldspar and quartz. The etymology of granite is Latin granum, meaning grain. Because granite is a diagenetic rock, it often forms well-developed mineral particles that can be distinguished by the naked eye, so it is named. Granite is not easy to weathering with beautiful color and appearance and its luster can be maintained for more than 100 years. Because of its high hardness and wear resistance, it is also the preferred material for open-air sculpture besides being used for high-grade architectural decoration works and hall floors. Granite crushing production line is a stone production line developed by Henan Zhengyi Machinery aiming at the characteristics of high hardness and wear resistance of granite. The production efficiency of the stone production line is high. If sand making is needed, only one sand making machine is added in the middle, which can fully meet the needs of users.

Work-flow of granite production line

1. Raw Material - Feeder - Jaw Crusher (Stone Machine) - Counterattack Crusher - Vibrating Screen - Finished Products

2. Impact Crusher-Vibrating Screen-Sand Washer-Finished Products    Vibrating screen can be used as sharing equipment or separately. The intermediate connecting conveyor is conveyor or material trough. There will be a great demand for sand and gravel materials in road construction or building construction. The usual process of sand and gravel production line is: raw material - feeder - jaw crusher - Impact Crusher - vibration screen - finished stone. Belt conveyor is used as the conveying connection between various equipment.

The crushing ratio of stone machine, which is the auxiliary equipment of granite crushing production line, is generally 30-40, and the maximum is over 150. Therefore, it can complete medium, fine or coarse, medium and fine crushing at one time, reduce the number of crushing segments and simplify the production process.

Characteristics of granite crushing production line: Granite crushing production line has uniform particle size and few over-crushing phenomena. The impact crusher uses kinetic energy to crush materials. The kinetic energy of each material is proportional to the mass 41 of the material. Therefore, in the process of crushing, large materials are crushed to a greater extent, while smaller particles are not crushed under certain conditions.

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