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Ore refers to a collection of minerals from which useful components can be extracted or which themselves have some property that can be utilized. Can be divided into metal minerals, non-metallic minerals. The unit content of useful components (elements or minerals) in the ore is called ore grade, and precious metal ore such as gold and platinum is expressed in grams per ton, and other ores are usually expressed as a percentage. Common ore grades are used to measure the value of ore, but the composition of the same active ingredient ore, the minerals in the ore (the minerals in the ore that are of little use and the amount of useful constituents), and the amount of harmful impurities also affect the ore value.

Metal ore refers to minerals from which metal elements can be extracted, such as iron ore, copper ore, lead ore, zinc ore, lead-zinc ore.

Non-metallic minerals are minerals from which non-metallic materials can be extracted or directly utilized, such as pyrite, phosphorite, diamond, limestone, and the like.

Industry Status:

China is a big stone resource country. The total reserves of stone resources are among the highest in the world. The annual production of more than 7 million cubic meters of blocks in the country, the total amount of stone mining is also in the forefront of the world. The resource storage conditions are an important basis for determining the mine production capacity, and the technical equipment level is the main factor.

Ore mining and application:

Ore refers to the stone that has been collected from the mine and contains some valuable minerals. The ore can be applied to metal mines, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, iron after being processed by crushing and grinding. ) Road construction units, cement industry and sand and gravel industry and other engineering fields.

Equipment used to process ore usually has jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, hammer crushers, roller crushers, impact crushers, ball mills and other equipment.

For ore crushing, the crusher can be selected according to the type of raw materials (hardness and other characteristics), size, finished product size, and production capacity requirements.

Generally, the stone mine has to go through two crushing processes. The first one is to use a gyratory crusher or a jaw crusher for rough breaking (Primary Crusher). If the raw material size is small, it can directly enter the second crushing. Secondary crushing: generally use a cone crusher for crushing. After two crushed finished aggregates are generally used in construction, iron (public) road construction and other industries.

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