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Cone Crusher Processing Granite Stability and Efficiency into Professional Equipment

Granite is a more common deep rock in the crust. Because it can be used as paving stone and building stone, mining granite was once an important industry. Granite gravel is a kind of high-quality building stone widely used, which is due to its hard texture and difficult to be eroded by acid-alkali or weathering. Moreover, granite resources are abundant and widely distributed. Granite is widely used in highway, railway, high-grade buildings, housing construction, and other fields. According to the different specifications of stones, they can be used to make mortar and concrete respectively. 1-2, 2-4, and 4-8 are very common stone specifications. Stimulated by the demand of the infrastructure market, the domestic granite sub-market has always been very popular, which has become a major driving force for the development of granite crushing equipment industry in China.

Hydraulic cone crusher can be used to crush high hardness ore. In addition, the jaw crusher used in granite processing equipment as crushing is more widely used, mainly used in crushing of iron ore, which can meet different design and production requirements. At the same time, in order to achieve higher production efficiency, the application of granite in sandstone production often requires fine crushing of granite or sand making, which breaks granite into smaller granularity. Cone crusher can provide smaller product size. In terms of overall technology, the cone crusher adopts lamination crushing, which is divided into three different design methods. Users can choose the crushing cavity with high crushing efficiency, uniform product size, good grain shape, uniform grinding and wear of the rolling mortar wall and long service life according to the site conditions.
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