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Cylinder Crusher Security Inspection Matters

Cylinder crusher inspection belongs to the nature of planned pre-repairs, i.e. repairs (routine repairs), which are mainly carried out by the operators and full-time personnel. In the unit of operation repair platform, the operators should be the main ones, the units with operation repair platform should be the main ones, and the special maintenance personnel should be the main ones.

Its main contents include not only the contents of class inspection, but also the contents of class inspection.

1)Clean, repair or replace worn cylinder crusher discs, seat and cover.

2)Check cylinder crusher safety valve, pressure regulator and air distribution device in detail.

3)Check the cooperation of cylinder crusher spindle bearing, connecting rod bearing, cross head bearing, pin and connecting screw. If problems are found, appropriate repair measures should be taken.

4)By checking the problems found, we should have an appropriate estimate of the workload of the next monthly overhaul project, so that we can be proud of the preparation work and overhaul schedule for the next overhaul and ensure the quality of overhaul.

5)In the process of cylinder crusher maintenance, if parts are found to be worn or damaged, and can not be maintained until the next normal planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance should be carried out immediately.

6)Cylinder crusher cylinder and cylinder water jacket should be cleaned once a year. The scale in cylinder water jacket can be cleaned with 5-10% hydrochloric acid solution (keeping L0-20 hours in the jacket). The carbon and other deposits in cylinder can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid solution first, and then with sodium hydroxide bearing solution (adding 0.5 kg sodium hydroxide to every 10 liters of water).

Oil and dirt in oil-water separator should be released 1-2 times per shift. Oil and condensate in the intercooler should be discharged 1-2 times per shift. Oil and condensate in the wind pack should be released once per shift.
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