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Development Direction of China Mining Machinery Technology

Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of establishing an independent industrial system, and also an important symbol of measuring a country's industrial strength. It belongs to the pillar industry of the national economy. Mining machinery serves the basic industries of energy, transportation, and raw materials. Its main task is to provide advanced and efficient technical equipment for mining and deep processing of raw materials in coal, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, building materials, and other departments, as well as for the construction of large-scale projects such as railways, highways, and hydropower.

China's mining machinery manufacturing industry has undergone the development path of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, cooperative design and manufacturing, and then independent design. The mining machinery manufacturing industry has basically realized two major transformations: one is the transformation of product development from imitation type to independent innovation type; the other is the transformation of economic operation from extensive type to benefit type.

On the whole, China's achievements in mining machinery manufacturing have attracted worldwide attention. The development prospects of the industry are good. It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the innovation and development of mining machinery technology will be the focus of the industry, as well as the rapid process from quantitative change to qualitative change of mining machinery.

With the deepening of China's economic reform and opening-up and the development of world economic integration, and with the support and guidance of national policies, the mining machinery industry keeps pace with the country, and moves towards the international high-end market stage by deepening reform, actively adjusting the industrial and product structure, and changing the growth mode. But at the same time, it is also facing more and more fierce competition in domestic and foreign markets, especially the huge pressure from foreign advanced manufacturers.

Although the industry holds different views on the key direction of development of China mining machinery, it is generally believed that the following points will be the future direction of development of mining machinery technology. SHANHU Machinery Company summarizes its main points as follows:

1.Digitalization: product development, enterprise collaboration, digital mine.

2.Intelligence: automatic mining of underground mines, seabed mining, and self-diagnosis of equipment health.

3.Ecology: Green Design, Fuel Cell, Geothermal, Solid Waste Treatment.

4. Integration: All kinds of functional equipment are integrated.
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