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General Situation Of Of Jaw Crusher Plant

Structure construction of jaw crusher plant

The jaw crusher plant is the main equipment in the coarse crushing stage of the crushing section in the concentrator. Its main components are: moving jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, spindle, connecting rod, body and other parts.

The working principle

The crushing cavity of jaw crusher plant is composed of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. It mainly uses the extrusion and bending action of two jaw plates to crush various kinds of hard materials. When the two jaw plates are close to each other, the materials will be broken. When the movable jaw plate leaves, the material blocks smaller than the discharge port are discharged from the bottom to complete the crushing process.

Main advantages of performance and characteristics jaw crusher plant:

(1) It is of advanced crushing technology, energy saving and high efficiency;

The complex pendulum jaw crusher plant adopts the most advanced crushing technology and uses the advanced digital parts processing equipment to make the internal structure precise. There is no dead angle in deep cavity crushing, and the material will not be blocked in the crushing chamber. It improves productivity. Single machine can save 15% ~ 30% of energy, and the system can save energy more than double.

(2) It adopts high-quality materials. Wear resistance of parts is high;

Parts are made of the most high-end quality production materials, It enhances compression and wear resistance of it. Reduce certain wear and tear, which prolongs the service life of the whole equipment.

(3) The equipment is flexible and versatile, with a wide range of applications;

The adjustment range of discharge port is large, which increases the flexibility of the equipment and can meet various processing needs of users. And the equipment structure is reasonable, and covers an area of small, which can play the biggest role in the limited space. Therefore, it is widely used in a variety of crushing processes of many industries.

(4) It is of simple structure, easy operation, and easy maintenance;

Through reasonable design, the machine performance is improved, the overall structure of the equipment is simple and efficient, and the crushing capacity is enhanced. In the process of use, the operation of the whole equipment is simple. It makes the daily maintenance more convenient and fast, which reduces the downtime maintenance time.
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