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How To Maintain Hydraulic System Of The Hydraulic Cone Crusher Properly

Cone crusher is widely used in mine production. Its main advantages are large crushing force, high output, low maintenance costs. The hydraulic cone crusher is improved based on the traditional cone crusher. It has large crushing capacity and high production efficiency. The key is the hydraulic system. So, how to maintain hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher?

1.Keep the inside of the cone crusher clean. There is a lot of dust generated by ore processing. So in the process of use, pay attention to dust removal. At the same time, prevent water from entering the hydraulic fluid.

2.Keep the hydraulic system clean. It is suggested to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning, otherwise, it may cause damage to the cone crusher.

3.Replace the hydraulic oil. You should pay attention to using filters when adding hydraulic oil. You also should ensure that the filter is clean. When you are refueling, it should be appropriate, following the prescribed oil level range.

4.Pay attention to the time of hydraulic oil replacement. It is suggested to replace the cone crusher when the hydraulic oil is still hot. It is helpful to drain the oil and sediment completely. then inject new hydraulic oil.

From the above maintenance matters, we see that the replacement of hydraulic oil occupies a very important role in the cone crusher hydraulic system maintenance. So, how do you judge if the hydraulic fluid should be replaced? There are "3 main elements" :

1.Degree of oxidation. Usually, the color of new hydraulic oil is relatively light and it doesn't have a noticeable odor. But with the extension of service time, long-term high temperature oxidation, the color of hydraulic oil will be deepened. If you find the hydraulic oil of cone crusher is black brown, and accompanied by a smell, the hydraulic oil has been oxidized, which need to be replaced with the new oil.

2.Water content. The water content of hydraulic fluid can affect its lubrication performance. When there is a large amount of water into the hydraulic oil, water and oil do not mix. So, a cloudy mixture may be formed when mixed. At this time, we need to replace the hydraulic oil not to affect the performance of the cone broken.

3. Impurity content. In the process of working, it is very easy for the cone crusher to produce debris because of constant collision, grinding between the parts. It gets into the hydraulic fluid inevitably. If there are a lot of impurities in the hydraulic oil, it will not only degrade the quality, but also may cause damage to the parts of cone crusher. Therefore, after the use of hydraulic oil for a period of time, be sure to check the content of impurities in the hydraulic oil.
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