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Introduction Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher And Multi-cyl

Hydraulic cone crusher has been widely used in the mine crushing production line. Choosing single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher or multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is practical problem for enterprises.

Advantages and disadvantages of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Advantage 1: the body structure of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is simpler than that of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. And it has fewer parts. From the appearance, the design is more beautiful.

Advantage 2: It is of simple structure and low manufacturing cost, so the price is also lower than the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

Advantage 3: in the actual operation process, equipment installation and maintenance is convenient. From the technical level, the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has improved the technology of sliding bearing. The improved equipment can adapt to higher rotation speed, increase the swing speed of the spindle and it makes the size of finished materials more in line with the requirements and output is higher.

Disadvantages: the biggest disadvantage of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is that it has only one oil cylinder. So the crushing force is relatively smaller than that of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. If you want to break some of the harder stone, it is suggested to choose multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Advantage 1: the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has been upgraded and improved with reasonable structure for the traditional spring cone crusher. The equipment uses the multi-cylinder hydraulic technology to make the crushing ratio of the crusher larger. Energy consumption is also controlled while keeping output up to standard. It is suitable for many kinds of stones, especially for crushed stone with hardness not exceeding 300Mpa.

Advantage 2: multi-cylinder hydraulic has special crushing cavity design, so the productivity is greatly improved. Semi-automatic hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port, can effectively control the size of stone. Finished materials can meet their own specifications. It is economical and practical.

Advantage 3: good crusher manufacturers will use high strength integral casting housing, in the manufacture of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. There is overiron protection. It is safe and reliable. No matter how hard the stone is, the equipment can crush it. The performance of the equipment is very stable and the service life is long.

Disadvantages: multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses the labyrinth seal structure, which can play a dustproof effect. But if it is produced by inexperienced manufacturer or a manufacturer with poor manufacturing skills, dust can also come in despite the labyrinth seal. Stone with more broken dust may cause difficulties in the disposal of discharges. So, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with good brand and public praise.
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