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Introduction Of Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks of of moderate hardness or higher hardness, such as limestone, iron ore, pebbles, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite and sandstone.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of these parts, fixed cone part, moving cone part, eccentric sleeve part, transmission part, frame part, adjustment ring part, feeding bin part, discharge port adjustment part, lock protection oil cylinder part, fan part, motor part, hydraulic station, lubrication station and special tools department.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed on the basis of the spring cone crusher, its basic structure is similar to the spring cone crusher. The difference between multi-cylinder hydraulic and spring cone crusher is that the original 10-16 sets of springs are replaced by 10-16 safety cylinders. It consists of cylinder block, piston, bracket and bolt. The oil cylinder is separated into A and B, the upper and lower chambers by the piston.

When it is working, the rotation of the motor drives the belt wheel or the coupling, the driving shaft and the conical part make the eccentric shaft swing periodically under the axis. After the material enters into the crushing chamber from the mouth of the material, it has the effect of crushing impact extrusion, grinding and rubbing of eccentric shaft and mortar wall. Hydraulic safety system can remove the fault through the hydraulic support sleeve and fixed cone part when the machine has the following phenomenon: iron failure or stuffy. It plays a good role in insurance, greatly reduces the maintenance rate and improves production efficiency.
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