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Introduction Of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The structure consists of six parts:

1)upper frame assembly: upper frame, mortar wall, cushion cap, shelf body guard;
2) lower frame assembly: lower frame, lower frame guard plate, lower frame inner lining plate, eccentric sleeve bush, seal barrel;
3) movable cone assembly: spindle, movable cone body and mortar wall;
4) transmission shaft assembly: groove wheel, transmission shaft, bearing, transmission shaft frame, small bevel gear;
5) eccentric sleeve assembly: counterweight ring, eccentric sleeve, large bevel gear, main shaft bushing;
6) hydraulic cylinder body assembly: middle friction disc, lower friction disc, hydraulic cylinder body, cylinder liner, cylinder bottom and displacement sensor.

Discharge port adjusting device of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

In normal operation, the spindle cylinder is filled with oil or the oil is discharged through the oil pump to make the spindle move up or down (the spindle floats up and down) and adjust the size of the discharge port. In the case of crushing hard ore, this adjustment may make the ore discharge opening harder to lock.

Overload protection of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

When you pass the iron, hydraulic oil is injected into the accumulator, and the spindle falls down; after passing the iron, the accumulator presses the oil back and the crusher operates normally. A hydraulic pump is also used to clear the cavity.

Lubrication system of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Add oil in oil inlet from 2 ways. One is that it enters from the lower end of the spindle to lubricate the spherical bearing, spherical bush, frame bushing and main shaft bushing, and then lubricate the bevel gears. The other is that enters from the end of the drive shaft to lubricate the drive shaft bushing. The last two lines of oil are discharged from the same outlet.

Parts providing crushing force

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is similar to spring cone crusher. The spindle is combined with a movable cone and is supported by a bowl-shaped tile. Therefore, the spindle and the moving cone are supported by the base, and the eccentric sleeve drives the spindle to provide crushing force.

Maintenance of use

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has simple structure and reliable performance: it has one hydraulic cylinder with simple and compact structure, low failure rate, low production cost (the simpler the mechanical system structure, the lower the failure rate, the higher the reliability, the more stable the operation).
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