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New Development Direction of China Mining Equipment Industry

Automation and environmental protection are the mainstream trends

From the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China to the National Two Sessions in 2018, the construction of ecological civilization as the grand blueprint of the millennium plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation is constantly being put into practice. At present, the low level of mining technology seriously restricts the efficient mining in China, and more importantly, it affects the "background" of mining development.

Among the eight strategic tasks of the CMA Development Strategic Plan released last May, it includes building an industrial alliance covering innovation of mining and mineral processing technology and equipment and promoting scientific and technological progress in the mining field.

With the improvement of mining equipment technology, China mining equipment will develop in the following two directions in the future. One is the mechanization, automation and high efficiency of mining equipment. In order to achieve tracklessness, high efficiency, semi-automation, and automation, it is necessary to intensify research efforts, especially for various major mining equipment and auxiliary machinery, and to analyze the actual situation of mining technology in China and explore comprehensive measures. This is also the development trend of mining equipment. The second is to realize the ecological development of mining equipment facing the natural environment. So that the product does not produce environmental pollution or minimize environmental pollution in the whole life cycle, the highest utilization rate of resources, the lowest energy consumption, and ultimately achieve the coordination of economic and social benefits of enterprises. Fuel cell mining equipment with high efficiency and zero pollution has good prospects for development. The development of crustal thermal energy resources and the recycling of solid waste expand the service field for mining equipment. With the support of the comprehensive integration of computer technology, network technology, and other disciplines, facing the economic construction, driven by the market demand, and in the harmonious development of human and nature, mining equipment has developed towards the direction of digitalization, intellectualization, ecology, and pleasure.
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