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A new trip to India, the mountain tiger dances with the elephant


On October 31, International Mining Machinery Exhibition officially opened in Kolkata, India! This exhibition is a professional exhibition of mining machinery. The exhibition has been full of customers, covering mining, construction, chemical and other related industries, since the opening.

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Shanhu Group made its debut in the Indian mining market, met with a number of booking customers, and had a good time to meet and communicate with Shanghai Bauma Exhibition. At the same time, we also invited customers to visit the Shanhu Group and our own mines during the Bauma Exhibition.

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Shanhu invites you to experience 35 years of mining machinery, 60 years of motor manufacturing, 60 years of belt conveyors, and 10 years of mine dump trucks.

Booth information for IMME2018:

Exhibition Name: Kolkata International Mining Machinery Exhibition, India
Exhibition date: October 31st - November 3rd
Venue: India New City Ecological Park
Booth No: D 262

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