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Causes and Solutions of Stuffing and Flying Phenomena

With the rapid development of economy, the sand aggregate industry has developed rapidly. The buy cone crusher is an important crushing machine. Because the buy cone crusher is prone to stuffy car and flying car in the operation process, it has a great impact on the smooth operation of production. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of stuffy car and flying car failure of cone crusher, and formulate reasonable maintenance measures according to the actual situation, so as to effectively improve the working efficiency of cone crusher.

Conical crusher has become the mainstream crushing equipment in the mining industry because of its high crushing efficiency, low maintenance cost, automatic control of production process, fine crushing operation for high hardness materials and adaptability to different production process requirements. Due to the bad working environment, various faults are unavoidable in cone breaking operation. Daily maintenance is very important to ensure the stable operation of cone breaking and to give full play to its optimal performance.

Both "stuffy car" and "flying car" are possible faults in cone breaking operation. Although there is only one word difference, the causes and solutions of these two faults are completely different. The conical broken main engine suddenly stopped, commonly known as "stuffy car". The phenomenon of flying car refers to the instability of conical breaking cone. Today, I'd like to share with you the reasons and solutions for the phenomena of "stuffy car" and "flying car" broken by cones.

Causes of car stuffing

Blockage of discharge outlet
In the production process of cone breaking, excessive or uneven feeding will lead to blockage of discharge outlet, resulting in excessive cone breaking production load and fuse breaking, leading to shutdown.

Belt loose
Cone break is driven by belt. If the belt of driving slot is too loose, it will cause the belt to slip, which can not provide enough power for the normal work of the machine, and cause cone break to stop suddenly.

Eccentric shaft stuck
When the bushing of the eccentric shaft tightening is loose or falling off, there is no gap between the two sides of the bearing seat of the frame, and the eccentric shaft is stuck and can not rotate normally. At this time, the cone breaks and suddenly stops, resulting in a "stuffy" situation.

Bearing damage
Bearing is a very important component in cone breaking, which is used to reduce the friction coefficient in the working process. If the bearing is damaged, it will fail to work properly with other broken parts, resulting in sudden shutdown of cone breakage.

Too low or too high a voltage
When the construction site voltage is unstable or too low, it is easy to force the cone to break self-protection leading to shutdown, so before starting, the operator must check whether the voltage is normal.

Solve the problem of stuffy cars
Check whether there is any residue blocking at the discharge port of the cone breaker before starting the machine. If so, it should be cleaned up immediately, and pay attention to control the uniform feeding, not too much or too little; check whether the belt tightness is appropriate, so as to adjust strictly to prevent over-tightening or over-loosening; pay attention to the voltage situation, and maintain the stability of the voltage;

Pay attention to daily maintenance, because bearings are extremely important. We should do a good job of lubrication, reduce wear and tear, pay attention to the position of eccentric bearing sleeve, and prevent jamming.

The phenomenon of flying cars
In the production process, the cone breaking part of the moving cone rotates periodically at a certain speed. But often because of some special reasons, there will be a sudden increase in the speed of the moving cone; the body instantaneously produces violent vibration; the spring or cylinder is in abnormal working state; the working current increases instantaneously; the return oil temperature rises sharply; this is the so-called flying car.

The reasons of flying cars
Cone breaking has two important moving parts: the cone breaking with space swing and the eccentric axis. The axis line of the broken cone intersects with the center line of the body at the center of the spherical bearing. When the crusher is running, the axle center line of the crushing cone moves around the center line of the block under the traction of the rotation motion of the eccentric axle sleeve. At the same time, the crushed cone rotates relative to its axis line under the frictional force produced by the gravity of itself and the spindle, and the center of its motion remains stationary during the movement of the crushed cone. It can be seen from this that the rotational motion of the crushed cone is composed of traction motion and relative motion. Its absolute rotation can promote the particle size of the crushed product to be uniform and reduce the wear of the liner. But this absolute rotation should not be too high, generally no more than 15 rpm, otherwise it will destroy the normal operation of the crusher. The main causes of the "flying car" failure are: the gap between the broken cone spindle and the cone bushing is too small; the broken cone spindle is lifted; the spherical bearing contacts with the inner ring of the broken cone spherical surface.

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