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Impact Crusher

The main use of impact crusher

The impact crushing machine can handle materials with side length less than 100-500mm, and its pressure resistance can be up to 350 mpa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particle after crushing. It is widely used in building materials, ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, transportation, cement, mining, chemical and other industries used for fine materials. The size of the discharging grain can be adjusted, and the crushing specification is diversified.

The impact crusher is named according to the working principle, that is, using the principle of impact crushing to crush the material, it is a crusher equipment more fine than the jaw crusher, in the stone production line, it is mainly used for fine crushing operations, and jaw crusher for cooperation. The impact crusher has the following five advantages in the crushing process.

First, the impact crusher is more effective in handling materials with a large amount of moisture and effectively prevents material clogging.
When the water content of the material is too large, the feeding chute and striking plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating device to prevent the bonding of the material. The impact crusher does not need to be equipped with the bottom screen plate to effectively prevent the phenomenon of blockage.

Second, the impact crusher is suitable for the material hardness more widely.
The hammer of the impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor with a mechanical clamping structure, which has a large moment of inertia when rotating with the rotor. Compared with hammer crusher (the hammer head is suspended), the rotor of impact crusher has greater momentum, which is suitable for crushing harder materials, and lower energy consumption.

Three, it can be convenient and flexible to adjust the size of the discharge, wide range of adjustment 
The impact crusher can adjust the particle size of the discharge through a variety of ways, such as adjusting the speed of the rotor, adjusting the clearance of the impact plate and the grinding chamber. Clearance adjustment can be carried out by mechanical or hydraulic type, and can be conveniently completed by local operation button or transportation control system with hydraulic adjustment system.

Forth, low wear and tear of fragile parts and high utilization rate of metals
The wear of the hammer of the impact breaker occurs only on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will fall to the surface of the hammer (impact surface), the back and side of the hammer will not be worn. Even on the side facing the material there is little wear and tear. Moreover, the bottom grinding rod is easy to replace, and the metal utilization ratio of the plate hammer of the impact crusher can be as high as 45%-48%.

Fifth, simple replacement of spare parts for impact crusher and corresponding reduction of maintenance costs
Only six plate hammers are installed on the rotor of the impact crusher. The plate hammer can be easily replaced with the special tools designed. It takes only one shift to replace a set of plate hammers.

The SC series impact crusher adopts the inter particle crushing principle. During the natural falling process, the materials collide with the materials accelerated by the impeller under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, resulting in high-speed impact and high-density pulverization. And it forms multiple blows, rubs, smashes, and then directly discharges from the lower part. Shanhu- professional impact crusher manufacturer.

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