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Introduction of Large Rock Crusher

What is a large rock crusher? Large rock crusher takes high-pressure oil as the energy source and skillfully applies the jack principle to make the splitting force reach thousands of tons, so that the rocker can be easily split in a few minutes, thus separating the hard and huge ore from the mountain.

Large rock crusher has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient operation, safety and reliability, flexible use, high working efficiency, no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, controllable splitting direction, economy and practicality, etc. It has been widely used in quarrying, mineral and other mining industries and infrastructure construction, especially in urban construction, river dredging, disaster relief and rescue, removal of obstacles and other work as an indispensable machine. Controlled gravel direction, high gravel precision, large-area static blasting, mining, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, subway engineering, foundation engineering. Large rock crusher has replaced blasting and other traditional crushing methods. It does not generate pressure waves when crushing rocks and concrete, and has no vibration, noise and dust. It also has great technical advantages in the field of quarrying raw materials.

Features: It applies non - blasting technology. With clean and quiet operation, no environmental disturbance, vibration, impact, flying stones, dust, guns, it is an economical, safe and environmentally friendly operation mode.

Working principle: The compressive strength of rock and concrete is very high, while its tensile strength is quite low. Large rock crusher equipment is made of this principle, which effectively uses the jack principle.

Working method: firstly, drill a hole with a diameter of 100-102MM and a depth of 1.5 meters with a down-the-hole drill, insert a crushing rod into the hole to destroy the structure of rock and concrete from the inside, and the rock and concrete will be crushed within a few minutes. Large rock crusher is not what we call a hydraulic splitter in our country. That kind of hydraulic splitting machine can only split boulders. It doesn’t work well when it meets whole rocks and hilltops, and it is easy to break the splitting blocks and whipstock.

Large rock crusher has low failure rate and low use cost. It is a good helper for your large-scale static blasting.

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