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Maintenance of Crusher Parts

Factors affecting the wear and tear of components in full hydraulic cone crusher

1. Structure and working quality of components. The higher the casting quality of the full hydraulic cone crusher is, the more stable the work is and the less likely to be worn out.
2. Physical and mechanical properties of crushed ore. The harder the crushed materials of the full hydraulic cone crusher are, the easier it is to wear the equipment parts.
3. Material of parts. The worse the casting material of the full hydraulic cone crusher is, the easier it will wear out.
4. Quality of installation. The less rigorous the installation, the worse the performance of the full hydraulic cone crusher, the more easily worn.
5. Quality of use and maintenance. Use according to the operation manual and maintain irregularly, which can reduce the wear of parts. Method for cleaning accessories of stone crusher.

1. Machine cleaning
Stone crusher machine cleaning methods have ultrasonic cleaning and vibration cleaning, the two cleaning methods are mainly simulated manual cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning without disassembly of accessories, direct use of ultrasonic signal, alignment of the parts to be cleaned. Vibration cleaning is the need to clean the parts removed, into the cleaning machine for cleaning.

2. Manual cleaning
Manual cleaning stone crusher accessories is more environmentally friendly, but also easy to clean. Manual cleaning of parts, first of all, you need to remove the parts should be cleaned, then, the water in the cleaning tank is heated to about 80 degrees Celsius, and diesel or kerosene is added to soak it. The water temperature in the cleaning tank is lowered to the body temperature. Then the staff can use clean brush off the stone crusher parts of dust or debris, brush clean, cotton gauze can be wiped dry.

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Shanhu Machinery provides wear parts of high manganese steel as follows: Jaw plate, cone crusher mantle, cone crusher concave, jaw lining plate etc., and these items can be designed to meet the needs of customers.

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