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Maintenance Strategies for Repairing Equipment Abrasion

In the mining process, high-quality beneficiation equipment is the key to ensure efficient mining. It is also of great significance for scientific and reasonable maintenance of mineral processing equipment. Therefore, in the process of purchasing mineral processing equipment and equipment maintenance, we can mainly start with the following points.

2.1 Optional equipment shall be adjusted according to local conditions and mines.

In the process of purchasing mineral processing equipment, first of all, it is necessary to combine the mining conditions with the specific conditions of minerals and purchase equipment reasonably, that is, to follow the principle of adapting to local conditions and minerals, to ensure that the selected equipment has good quality and to mine to the maximum extent. At the same time, equipment should be selected according to the characteristics of minerals to ensure that they become the best equipment for mining.

2.2 Select equipment with higher automation and more new technologies

Generally speaking, beneficiation equipment is easily worn. So low alloy steel and white cast iron must be used to manufacture parts that is easily worn. At the same time, in the process of designing and manufacturing beneficiation equipment, advanced technology and new materials must be adopted as much as possible to ensure a high degree of automation, thus ensuring high production efficiency of beneficiation equipment.

2.3 Regularly inspect important equipment and its key components

In the process of maintaining mineral processing equipment, it is also necessary to regularly check important beneficiation equipment and its key components. Especially for some parts with high abrasion frequency, once there is a problem, professional and technical personnel must be arranged immediately to judge the degree of defect, and at the same time reasonably evaluate the degree of damage and reasonably distinguish the degree of abrasion. If necessary, production work should be stopped and beneficiation equipment should be thoroughly overhauled to prevent irreversible abrasion and tear and cause serious safety accidents in the mining process.

2.4 Use high-quality abrasioning parts

In the process of purchasing beneficiation equipment, high-quality consumable parts should be used as much as possible to ensure high abrasion resistance of beneficiation equipment during use. At the same time, in the process of maintenance of beneficiation equipment, it is necessary to carry out in-depth excavation of deep and out-of-range causes for frequent failures of beneficiation equipment, and analyze and summarize the causes of abrasion and tear, so as to effectively carry out targeted maintenance of mineral processing equipment.

2.5 Improve the level of maintenance technology

In the process of maintaining mineral processing equipment, it is necessary to establish a sound management and maintenance system and strengthen the training and assessment of maintenance technicians to ensure the maintenance work and level. First of all, for the management and maintenance of the system, relevant personnel must formulate detailed guidance from the aspects of technical specifications, maintenance procedures, maintenance time and methods, and arrange special personnel to guide and supervise the maintenance process. Secondly, professional maintenance technicians are selected to carry out responsible maintenance of beneficiation equipment, i.e. special personnel are assigned to be responsible for beneficiation equipment to ensure high efficiency of equipment maintenance.

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