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Development analysis of mining dump truck

The large-scale production of mining dump trucks in China began in the 1970s. The products are mainly distributed in seven industries, such as metallurgy, coal, water and electricity, and non-ferrous metals.

Since the reform and opening up 30 years ago, Chinese industry has achieved unprecedented development. Now, it has entered the stage of rapid industrialization. Our demand for mineral resources is also increasing. At the same time, China's industrial restructuring in the western region has also led to the development of mining industry, and the mechanization of mining industry has further improved. China is rich in mineral resources, and the annual mining volume of coal, iron, non-ferrous metals and other mines is very large. According to incomplete statistics, in 2006, the total load of mine transportation in China has exceeded 9.7 billion tons, and the average annual growth rate is 20% to 30%. Increasing carrying capacity has also brought a lot of demand for transport equipment for mining enterprises. The harsh mining environment and the special pavement conditions, almost all of which are uneven gravel roads, which put forward higher requirements for transportation equipment. 

The research and development of mining transport equipment in foreign countries started earlier than in China, and the technology is relatively mature. Some mechanical manufacturers have designed mining machinery vehicles and articulated trucks for this condition. The main brands are Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex and so on. Therefore, dump trucks used in China's mining industry are still partly imported. However, the price of imported dump trucks is relatively expensive, and manufacturers abroad, after-sales service and maintenance are relatively inconvenient, China's small and medium-sized mining enterprises can not afford to buy, so they have to convert trucks into mining vehicles for use. From a technical point of view, the maximum load of a general truck is only about 10 tons, far less than that of a mining truck. And its tires, frame, suspension system and other design are mainly for road transport, they are used in soft, muddy, climbing many non-road transport is inappropriate. In addition, the speed of road transport vehicles is relatively fast, the minimum speed is 70 kilometers per hour, while in mines, vehicles generally do not reach this speed, but will increase fuel consumption. Based on the above analysis, the retrofitted truck is not only inefficient, but also has a long service life and no safety guarantee.

In 2007, market researchers began to conduct market research, and technicians also went deep into mines to understand user needs. The survey results show that the market capacity of mining vehicles is very large and the development prospects are considerable.

Market Competition Analysis

At present, China's research and development capacity of mining vehicles is not high, and the mining vehicle industry has relatively high technical and financial barriers. Therefore, there are not many domestic mine dump truck manufacturers of mining dump trucks. There are only five major manufacturers, namely, Norincogroup, XEMC, SGHDT, Beijing Heavy Truck and ChinaEPU. At present, these five enterprises have a certain market share, of which the Norincogroup have the highest market share. However, this does not mean that market demand has become saturated. According to research and development, the number of heavy truck refitting trucks currently used in mines is very large, about 25,000, mainly distributed in small and medium-sized mines.

The first reason is that the purchase price is high. These mine dump truck manufacturers mainly rely on the introduction of foreign technology to produce, the main accessories are also dependent on imports, so the cost is relatively high; Secondly, the maintenance cost is high. Mine trucks usually have a design life of 10 years. Because of their high unit price, they are often overdue. This requires a large number of replacement parts for maintenance to prolong service life, while imported parts are expensive, so the cost of after-sales service is also high.

Shanhu mine truck have been fully affirmed by the experts of China Quality Certification Center. They have passed the ISO9001 standard certification, the product CQC certification, and obtained the national new patent. It is the first in the country to pass the inspection of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and obtain safety production from the State Administration of Safety Administration. 

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