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The New Vibrating Screen Makes Screening More Accurate and Work More Efficient!

"Shanhu" brand SZ double-amplitude vibrating screen is a new type of vibration screening equipment independently developed by our company. The machine structure features: double exciter, bevel gear transmission, stable amplitude, sturdiness and durability, easy maintenance, low noise, widely used in quarry grading work. Since it was put on the market, it has won the trust of customers.
SZ double-amplitude vibrating screen

SZ double amplitude circular vibrating screen is mainly applied to coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, building materials industry, hydraulic engineering, light industry and chemical industry. A high-efficiency screening machine for classifying bulk materials such as coal, ore, and coke.

SZ double amplitude circular vibrating screen

The movement of the vibrating screen is driven by the motor driving two pairs of umbrella gears through a V-belt. Two pairs of bevel gears are connected by a universal coupling to ensure absolute synchronization. Two pairs of bevel gears are respectively driven by two flexible couplings. An exciter with eccentric masses causes the screen box to vibrate and the trajectory of the screen box is elliptical.

The vibrating screen consists of a screen box, an umbrella gear transmission mechanism, a vibrator, a spring vibration damping device, a motor and a supporting chassis. As shown in Figure 1. The screen box adopts advanced ring groove rivets to form a frame structure. The umbrella gear transmission mechanism consists of two pairs of umbrella gears, gear boxes, universal joints, brackets, and the like. The vibrator is composed of an eccentric shaft and an eccentric block. The spring damping device uses a rubber flexible coil spring.

vibrating screen
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