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Open a New Era and New Journey with My Country

On April 10th, at 11:18 am, a small and beautiful opening ceremony was held at Chuangxin Times Square, 1508 Wenyi West Road, Zangqian Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. The new era Jixi Geely, Gengxin Road Network Trade (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened.

Open a New Era and New Journey with My Country

Open a New Era and New Journey with My Country-2

Open a New Era and New Journey with My Country-3

In line with the "One Belt and One Road" policy, the new business strategy of cultivating roads and networks has led the way out of new international businesses and boosted China's intellectual development. It is our ambition and the trend of the times to push domestic manufacturing to the path of globalization. The company's goal is to "develop new foreign trade to boost the development of Shanhu Group into a world-famous brand", carry out global trade, and further open markets in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, India and South America.

From the establishment of the company in January to the present, the team has been growing for three months. From one person to nowadays, although the sparrow is small, it is a fully-fledged cultivating new road network trade (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. We are no longer alone, but also a team, a TEAM with a young and strong future! "1+1>2", imagination +1, creativity +1, decision-making power +1, action power +1, and we have achieved endless trends. In three months, the establishment of the company will inevitably be difficult, but we will overcome it and fight hard. The failure of repeated trials was for the joy of ultimate success. I can see the near future, Tiancao will fly, the sea will rely on the diving, and the new road leading to online trade will travel between heaven and earth, with footprints all over the world.

Spanning the hardships, foresight, and face to the future.

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