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Reasons for Abrasion of Mineral Processing Equipment

In the process of developing mineral resources, metal materials are often used as mineral processing equipment because they need to directly process mineral materials with higher hardness. In the process of completing these tasks, the metal equipment needs to work for a long time with huge workload. Therefore, in this case, the beneficiation equipment will face great abrasion and tear, and its service life will be greatly shortened.

1.1 Crusher Abrasion

There are many kinds of crushers used in the mining process. The most commonly used machine is a coarse crusher. The specific work is mainly to crush large minerals to promote ore transportation, and to use small crusher for secondary crushing. Jaw crusher and rotary crusher are usually used, and the front toothed plate and the latter gasket are worn most often. In the process of using jaw crusher, it takes a long time to unload and load the toothed plate, so the strength of the material used in the toothed plate is designed relatively high. As the machine needs to continuously enter high-hardness mineral materials during use, the abrasion degree of the toothed plate is greatly increased then the toothed plate is broken. When a gyratory crusher is used, there is very large impact in the lining. Therefore materials with high abrasion resistance and strength are required in the design process.

1.2 Abrasion of Ball Mill

Grinding is a very important process in the mining process, and the main grinding equipment is ball mill. In the grinding process, the consumption of the liner of ball mill will be relatively large. In the process of using the ball mill, the reasons for failure are as follows: first, the impact force is very large, resulting in slight abrasion of the ball mill, i.e. invisible to the naked eye. The second is machine deformation caused by large impact force. The third is the abrasion of ball mill caused by corrosion. Generally, the size, type and location of ball mill are the main factors leading to liner abrasion.

1.3 mortar pump abrasion

In the process of mining metal ores, mortar pumps are generally used to discharge tailings and ores, i.e. tailings and ores are respectively discharged to tailings dams and processing plants. In the actual production process, high-pressure and high-speed mortar will cause certain erosion and abrasion to the pump casing, side guard plate and impeller. Generally, flushing abrasion is mainly related to pump head, mortar concentration, pump speed, mortar hardness and sand grain size. When mortar hits the water outlet of the pump foot, it will cause serious damage to the inner wall of the pump casing and makes it easy to abrasion. Therefore, sand pumps need high-hardness overcurrent parts and materials with strong abrasion resistance.

1.4 Grader Abrasion

Under normal circumstances, during the spiral operation of the classifier, the lining iron on the blades will suffer some erosion and abrasion due to mineral deposits in the grooves. Therefore, carbide with relatively high hardness must be used for spiral blades of the classifier, and the blades are made of manganese white cast iron in new rare earth to ensure long service life.

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