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Routine configuration of crushing and screening equipment for bulk materials

Sand washing machine is an efficient sand washing equipment, and is also the main component equipment of sand production line. The function of sand-making and sand-washing production line is to crush large and hard ore materials into sand and gravel particles with uniform particle size which can be used in metallurgy, building materials, water resources and hydro-power, engineering construction, concrete production and other industries. As far as broken basalt is concerned, in the process of crushing large basalt into small ones, several processes are needed, which are generally divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and screening.

The first crushing sand washer usually has strong function, large feed size, high production capacity, and long operation time. Therefore, the quality of sand washer equipment must be strictly controlled. It is also known as impact sand machine with super-large feed size. Raw materials enter the crushing chamber composed of two jaw plates from the import. The impeller is driven by the motor to generate huge kinetic energy. The liner converts kinetic energy into extrusion and shear force, thus crushing materials.

The second crushing stage is the medium crushing or fine crushing stage of stone. The optionally selected sand washing machine has the ability of medium crushing and fine crushing at the same time, and can adjust the discharge. The sand-washer with plate hammer or the third generation sand-washer can be selected, which has very good gravel crushing ability. The crushing cone pushes the hard material to the wall with great force and breaks it into smaller stones. Because of its excellent medium and fine crushing ability, some sand and gravel production lines using two-stage sand washing machine can be seen in gravel processing.

The third way of crushing and screening is the fine crushing of stone. First, the third generation sand-making and sand-washing machines with high efficiency can be selected, and second, sand-making and sand-washing machines are mostly used. Sand washing machine is a special equipment for producing artificial sand. In this stage, the equipment is required not only to have fineness, but also to have efficient production capacity, as well as high-quality discharge. If the stone powder and needle-like particles in sand exceed a certain ratio, they are unqualified products, so special attention must be paid to the selection of sand washing machine. Discharge granularity can also be adjusted, and the product granularity is even cubic, which is a good choice for major engineering buildings.

The function of screening is to separate the crushed stone of sand washer, convey the qualified material to the stack, and return the unqualified bulk material to the sand washer to continue crushing. And a production line can not only produce a single specification of materials, so the general choice of multi-layer vibrating screen, that is, we often say the circular vibrating screen.
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