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Several problems and suggestions about cone crushers

Poor quality of inner wall of conical sleeve
The quality of the inner wall of the cone sleeve is not good enough, resulting in point friction between the cone sleeve and the spindle, and the oil film is damaged, resulting in the spindle spinning out of control, resulting in a "flying car".

Inappropriate clearance between copper sleeve and spindle
When assembling, too large or too small clearance between copper sleeve and spindle will affect cone breakage. When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the spindle will collide, and the moving cone will sway violently, resulting in strong vibration of the body. If the clearance is too small, the lubricating oil in the contact area between the copper sleeve and the spindle may be reduced or dried out, and the lubricating oil film cannot be formed or the thickness of the oil film is insufficient, resulting in a "flying car".

Improper scraping and grinding of ball tile
If the ball tile is scraped improperly during maintenance, the contact radius of the sphere will be reduced; the speed of the circumference will be increased; centrifugal force will be formed slowly when the speed is too high, resulting in the phenomenon of "flying car".

Overload of cone sleeve
When the cone sleeve is running, some non-fragments enter the crushing chamber (iron overload), which results in excessive load, zinc dropping off of the fixed cone sleeve and causes the cone sleeve to move upward, and the gap between the spindle and the cone sleeve becomes smaller, forming a "holding axle" and following the eccentric sleeve to run fast and "flying car".

Poor lubrication
Due to the failure or improper sealing of the dust-proof device, part of the dust in the crushing chamber enters into the lubricating oil path, resulting in poor lubrication between the lubricating parts (bottom of the crushing cone and spherical bearing, between the moving cone and eccentric sleeve, between the large and small bevel gears, between the horizontal axis and the sleeve) and causing friction. The oil temperature of lubrication system keeps rising. When the temperature is close to or higher than 55 C, the oil viscosity decreases, and the oil film inside the ball bush can not be formed effectively, thus causing the phenomenon of "flying car".

Solving the problem of flying cars
Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for cone breaking "flying car". One is that the clearance between spindle and cone sleeve is too small or ball Bush is scraped improperly due to overhaul and adjustment; the other is that the operation and maintenance are improper, and the lubricant is not qualified or invalid. Therefore, we can solve the problem of "flying cars" from the following aspects:

Ensure full contact between spindle and cone sleeve
To ensure the assembly clearance between the inner and outer holes of the taper sleeve and the full-length contact between the spindle and the taper sleeve (adding a cushion plate on the bearing pedestal can change the clearance between the taper sleeve and the moving taper), the taper sleeve and the axle sleeve must be fixed with melted zinc alloy to ensure that there is no relative movement between them.

Reasonable assembly clearance of hollow eccentric sleeve and nylon vertical sleeve
Excessive clearance will cause the large inclination of the hollow eccentric shaft and the main shaft, which will cause the moving cone and the eccentric sleeve not to contact completely and the bushing to overheat locally, and increase the swing amplitude and intensify the vibration; too small will cause the heating of the inner and outer bushing.

Careful selection of lubricants
When choosing lubricating oil, it is necessary to select it strictly according to the requirements of the number of equipment to ensure that the indexes and standards are in conformity, especially the viscosity and fluidity. To ensure that the grease standard of lubricating oil, deteriorated or too dirty oil will accelerate the gear, wear the sleeve and bowl tile, and even grind the sleeve to death.

Uniform feeding
In cone breaking, the feeding should be uniform and not offset. If the feeding is uneven, the production capacity will be reduced. Product size is too large; spring action is frequent; bowl bearing pressure is large; power consumption is rising. Excessive pressure can also lead to "flying cars" and axle breakage accidents.

When oil is insufficient, the lower cover, drive bearing and flange disc should be inspected. Check whether the dust-proof device and tubing joints are leaking, whether the oil intake pipeline and oil filter are blocked, whether the oil level of the tank is appropriate, and whether the oil intake of the pump is normal. If problems are found, they should be solved immediately.
The clearance between the conical bushing and the broken spindle should meet the technical requirements. If the clearance is too small, the method of adding gaskets between the annular contact surface of the spherical bearing frame and the body frame can be adopted to make the broken cone rise, so as to change the clearance between the spindle and the conical bushing and  meet the technical requirements.

In the treatment of "flying car" of some cone crushers, it is found that when the spherical bearing contacts with the broken cone spherical surface in the inner ring, the contact situation of the cone spindle and the cone bushing also changes, which affects the stability of the broken cone. Scraping and grinding of the spherical bearing can make the broken cone contact with the spherical bearing in the outer ring.

Because of the bad working environment, cone breakage is unavoidable in operation. There are many reasons for the phenomena of "flying car" and "stuffy car" caused by cone breakage. Only by constantly summing up experience in actual operation, strictly following the operation and maintenance rules of equipment and correctly handling the faults, can the cone breaking production efficiency and production efficiency be effectively improved.

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