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Some introductions about cone crusher concave

Feeding mode

The feeding mode of cone crusher also has certain influence on the service life of crushed wall and rolling mortar wall. If the feeding device of cone crusher is not properly installed, or too much material is put into the crushing chamber, it will lead to uneven feeding, material blockage in the crushing chamber and other faults, which will cause excessive unilateral force on the crushing wall rolling mortar wall, increase the cutting wear of ore on the crushing wall, make the lining plate seriously damaged and reduce the service life.

Quality of crushed wall rolling mortar wall itself

Above are the external factors affecting the broken wall and the rolling mortar wall. The quality of the broken wall and the rolling mortar wall itself is the most important factor. A good wear-resistant fittings has high requirements on the surface of the castings. No casting defects such as slag, sand, cold isolation, air hole, shrinkage, porosity and lack of meat are allowed in the castings.
At present, high manganese steel is generally used to manufacture the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of cone crusher in the market. With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of wear-resistant materials is also constantly improving. On the whole, we should choose materials that can harden rapidly under impact load to form a hard and wear-resistant surface, while still maintaining the original toughness of the inner metal. Only in this way can the service life of broken wall and rolled mortar wall be improved.

How to replace broken wall and rolling mortar wall?

When replacing the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of cone crusher, the wear of cone, adjusting ring, locking thread, counterweight and counterweight guard plate must be checked. If the wear is serious, we should replace the new one and install the lining again, which can reduce the time of second replacement and dis-assembly and save time and effort. After the lining board is installed, it is necessary to check whether the center of the lining board is right or not, otherwise, the lining board will be seriously worn in the collision during operation.

Replacement of rolling mortar wall

The rolling mortar wall can be replaced on site. Roll down the adjusting screw sleeve installed on the upper rack (pay attention to counter-clockwise rotation), remove the upper chamber hopper assembly, hoist the adjusting screw sleeve with hoisting equipment, remove the adjusting screw sleeve support plate bolt, and then remove the rolling mortar wall for replacement. When assembling, wash the outer surface, adjust the screw thread surface and apply butter, fix it in reverse order.


A U-shaped screw holder is placed on the adjusting ring. Zinc alloy is injected into the adjusting ring to make it tightly combined. When the rolling mortar wall is newly installed or replaced, after 6-8 hours of work, the tightening condition of the U-shaped screw should be checked and tightened again.

Replacement of Broken Wall

The broken wall can be replaced on site. Hang out the spindle parts and place them on the solid support platform, pay attention to not damaging the moving cone and sphere, and block all oil holes with cloth to avoid dust impurities entering. Remove the distribution plate, lock the nut, lock the washer and fusible gasket in turn, and weld two lifting lugs on the old plate at 180 degrees apart, so that the broken wall can be lifted out and the new wall can be installed on the part with 180 degrees apart. Two lifting lugs are welded on the same position, then installed in the reverse order of dis-assembly, and the two lifting lugs are cut off when finished.


Conical crushed wall is fixed on conical body with conical head. Zinc alloy is cast between the two. After 6-8 hours of work, the newly installed or replaced conical crushed wall should be checked for tightening, and the loosening should be tightened immediately.

Crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are important parts of cone crusher. During the operation of cone crusher, attention should be paid to the material put into the equipment must meet the crushing requirements. It is strictly forbidden to enter the crushing chamber with excessive hardness, excessive moisture or other non-crushing materials. Otherwise, the crushing wall will fall off and the equipment will stop.

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