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Tell you how to buy the crusher from four aspects!

With the rapid development of the country and the rapid rise of the economic belt along the way, the large and medium sized sand and gravel production lines have sprung up everywhere. So how to choose the safe crushing equipment and how to guarantee the future production profits of enterprises... and so on became a problem for the quarry owner. What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing crusher? Next, Shaghai Weili will summarize the following four points with you.

I. Equipment Efficiency

How can a crushing equipment play its due role? It is very important to choose a professional crusher manufacturer. Professional manufacturer will fully understand the various conditions of the user's specific site, and accurately evaluate the various variables, material properties, potential by-products, final product properties and other factors that may affect the process performance of the mining area and quarry; fully understand the user's demand for production line capacity, final grain size, grain size credentials and the user's investment. After this budget, we will select the most suitable, economical and efficient crushing equipment for our customers.

In addition, users can also judge the efficiency of crushing equipment from the actual situation in operation. Good crushing equipment crushes materials quickly; after the machine starts feeding, it will start crushing operations; materials will be successfully crushed without too long; and crushed materials particles are uniform in size; while poor quality crushing equipment can crush stones smoothly, the crushing speed is very slow, which not only delays the efficiency of industrial construction, but also through its breakage. The particle size of crushed material is very uneven.

II. Equipment Quality

Crusher is a very complex process, so it can be said that no manufacturer dares to ensure that product quality does not appear problems, so how to reduce the probability of problems is the key. For example, the first step of material breakage is carried out by rotating plate hammer when hydraulic counterattack breaks, so it can be said that the wear mainly concentrates on the plate hammer. The other wear parts include backlash plate lining plate, side guard plate and other parts. At present, the hydraulic counterattack plate hammer manufactured by most domestic manufacturers is made of high manganese steel. Most of the plate hammers do not withstand very strong impact when working, and can not make the high manganese steel fully work hardening. It has excessive toughness and insufficient hardness. Therefore, the life of the plate hammer is very short and needs to be replaced frequently.

For this reason, we have specially developed a multi-element high chromium cast iron plate hammer in Weili, Shanghai. This plate hammer makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary high chromium cast iron. It uses chromium as the main alloy and a variety of other small or trace alloying elements to refine the structure and improve the strength and toughness. Practice has proved that multi-element high chromium cast iron plate hammer is safe and reliable, and its life is more than twice that of high manganese steel plate hammer. The use of the plate hammer can reduce downtime, improve equipment operation rate, increase crusher output and reduce material cost per ton. It has good economic benefits.

III. Maintenance Cost and Convenience of Maintenance

In order to ensure the future production profits of enterprises, users must also take into account such factors as investment costs, operating costs, design rates, operating standards, maintenance, spare parts inventory and stockpiling methods. Imagine that if a crusher is bought and used for a period of time, and found that the failure rate is high, production capacity can not keep up with, fuel consumption, power consumption, and maintenance costs are relatively high, then it is not cost-effective.

Therefore, it is very important to find a manufacturer with all kinds of after-sales service in place. Regular crushing equipment manufacturers in the after-sales service should include the provision of professional transport door-to-door service. If users need technical services, they will send professional technical service personnel to participate in the open-box acceptance, installation and commissioning work until the equipment is in normal operation; if necessary, manufacturers will train technical personnel for customers free of charge, so that customers can master the use, maintenance and simple repair technology of equipment. In the process of production, once the equipment fails, the manufacturer must come up with a clear solution within 24 hours after receiving the customer's call, and solve the problem quickly with the attitude of restoring production first and then pursuing responsibility.

Ⅳ. Price

Because crusher manufacturers are large, medium and small, the price of crushing equipment is naturally divided into high and low. But the low price does not mean that it is really cheap. The comprehensive price ratio of crushing equipment is more important for users. In order to buy high cost-effective crushing equipment, it is suggested that users do not necessarily choose the largest crushing equipment manufacturer, but they must choose professional crushing equipment manufacturer.

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