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Vibrating Rock Screen

Vibrating rock screen, also known as gravel screening machine, is a very common and important equipment in the mineral processing industry. It is mainly used to separate sand and gravel for construction, and is used in large-scale engineering projects. Henan Fangda Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality sand and stone screening machine.

The working principle of vibrating rock screen machine is as follows:

It divides the granular material groups of different sizes into several different levels through single or multi-layer sieve surfaces with uniformly distributed holes for many times. The particles larger than the sieve hole remain on the sieve surface, which is called the sieve upper part of the sieve surface, and the particles smaller than the sieve hole pass through the sieve hole, which is called the sieve lower part of the sieve surface. The actual screening process is that a large number of crushed materials with different particle sizes and mixed coarseness enter the screen surface. Only part of the particles come into contact with the screen surface. Because of the vibration of the screen box, the material layer on the screen is loosened, which further enlarges the gap existing in the large particles.

Small particles pass through the clearance and transfer to the lower layer or conveyor. Because the gap between small particles is small and large particles can not pass through, the original disorderly arrangement of particles has been separated. That is to say, according to the size of the particles, they are stratified, forming the arrangement rules of the small particles in the bottom and the coarse particles in the top. Fine particles reaching the screen surface are less than those through the screen hole, which achieves the separation of coarse and fine particles and completes the screening process.

However, there is no sufficient separation. When screening, there is usually a part of the screened substance left on the screen. Although the size of fine particles is smaller than the sieve hole, the sieving difficulty of fine particles is different. It is more difficult to penetrate the particles with similar sizes of materials and sieve holes, and more difficult to penetrate the clearance of particles in the lower layer of sieve surface.

Vibrating rock screen machine for sand and gravel has superior performance in improving the effect of leveling and slipping of low density powder in gravity settling, and solving the screening problems of strong adsorption, easy reunion, high static electricity, high fineness, high density and light specific gravity. Great breakthroughs have been made in the performance of sand and gravel vibrating rock screen machine to improve screening efficiency and quality.

Vibrating rock screen machine is an advanced and efficient screening equipment in the world. It integrates the functions of flat screen, swing screen and rolling screen. It is suitable for screening powder and granular materials and liquid filtration in all walks of life. Vibrating rock screen machine for sand and gravel is one of the most widely used vibration screening equipment at home and abroad.

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