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What should be paid attention to when installing and adjusting circular vibrating screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of equipment widely used for grading granular materials. In industrial fields such as coal preparation and beneficiation, vibrating screens are used for classification, dehydration, desliming and media removal (in heavy media beneficiation, heavy media in particles must be washed out and recycled). It uses the characteristic of vibration to meet the requirements of technological process and working process in production. Circular vibrating screen is the most commonly used type of vibrating screen. In the process of installation and adjustment, we should pay attention to the following items:

1. The spring must be in a vertical state; the spring upper support and spring contact surface must be in a horizontal state. After adjustment, use bolts to fix the spring upper support on the trunnion of the screen box, and then spot weld into a whole.

2. Positioning the drive direction of the vibrating screen. Stand at the feeding end, observe the position of the motor facing the material flow direction to obtain left or right drive. When the driving direction needs to be changed, remove the vibrator pulley from the balance wheel, reinstall it on the balance wheel on the other side and tighten it.

3. Ensure that the tension of the V - belt has sufficient adjustment and that the grooves corresponding to the two belt wheels correspond one to one in their respective planes.

4. After the installation and adjustment of the circular vibrating screen is completed, no-load test run shall be conducted for not less than 2h. It is required to operate smoothly without abnormal noise, the amplitude and motion track meet the requirements, and the maximum temperature of the bearing shall not exceed 75 ℃.

5.If no-load test run is qualified, the circular vibrating screen can be put into load test run. Time of load test run can be carried out according to the requirements of process test run.

6. Before commissioning the circular vibrating screen, the vibration exciter must be rotated by hand (or by other methods). The machine can only be started officially when there is no jam and the rotation is flexible.

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