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Which kind of stone crusher is better? How about the price of stone crusher?

I. Which is the best choice for stone crusher?

There are many kinds of stone crusher, and there are many kinds of materials to be handled face-to-face. There are many knowledge points about how to choose stone crusher. To select the right equipment, first of all, we need to understand the function of the equipment and the nature of the material. The following will be divided into two steps for you to do a detailed introduction.

A: Crushing and crushing equipment: jaw crusher
Jaw crusher, as crushing equipment, can crush harder materials preliminarily. The crushing force of jaw crusher is large, and its productivity and particle size can be adjusted conveniently. It is suitable for crushing materials including granite, river pebble, basalt, blue stone, limestone, etc.

B: Medium and fine crushing equipment: cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher
There are many kinds of medium and fine crushing equipment. According to the different degree of hard and soft of materials, the choice of fine crushing equipment is also different. For example, cone crusher and heavy hammer crusher are suitable for processing materials with high hardness, for example, ordinary hammer crusher and counterattack crusher are suitable for processing brittle ores, and impact crusher can process about 30 meshes of fine grain, which can be used for processing non-metallic ores.

Above is a common stone crusher. In the end, which is better, choose a more suitable machine is good. After analyzing the physical and chemical properties of materials, it is more helpful to improve production efficiency to select more suitable machines.

II. Price Analysis of Stone Crusher
The price of stone crusher is not expensive. Recently, many customers consulted the price of the equipment. Because the price of the equipment is affected by the model, material selection, geographical location of the manufacturer and other factors, the price of the crusher varies from high to low. According to the market price of stone crusher, the following analysis is made.
Because there are many kinds of stone crushers, the more advanced the technology of crusher equipment, the higher the price will be. For example, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is more expensive than ordinary cone crusher. The main reason lies in its strong intelligence, advanced equipment and technology, 50% energy saving compared with ordinary machine, low operating cost, long service life, and high efficiency in later period. Therefore, the price is not expensive.

Most of the manufacturers in the market place the low price stone crusher as follows: energy saving and environmental protection effect is not significant; quality is slightly worse; service life is shorter; operation cost is relatively slightly higher; cost and profit after processing is thin; sand and stone market competition is not dominant.

III . What if the price of stone crusher exceeds the budget?

Many customers have a limited budget for the initial investment of stone crusher; when they exceed the budget, they have no desire to buy, which is a common problem faced by most customers. Investment is a knowledge. How to invest correctly will be the basis of profit.

It's not that the machine with high price must be suitable for itself. We should choose the high quality stone crusher which is more suitable for the needs of customers according to the actual production needs of customers.

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