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Precautions For Cylinder Crusher Cleaning

The parts and components of cylinder crusher should be kept clean and scale-free, which is very beneficial to ensure the long-term normal operation of cylinder crusher.

1)Generally speaking, the air valve should be cleaned every half day to a month, and at the same time check whether there is a scale on the air broadband and cylinder wall. If there is a scale, it indicates that the cooling of the cylinder wall is not good, the oil quality is not good or the amount of oil is too much. All scales must be removed immediately, and the cause of scales must be found out.

2)Cylinder crusher should be cleaned once every 1-3 months. Dirt can be cleaned with 5-10% caustic sodium thermal solution. Before cleaning, clean with compressed air. After cleaning and drying, apply a thin layer of mechanical oil (not too much) to avoid premature blockage of air filters. Generally, the air inhaled by air compressors should be dry, clean and low temperature.

3)The airbag and exhaust pipe should be cleaned every six months to one year.

4)The cooling pool should be cleaned from half a year to one year.

5)The oil tanks, pumps, filters, oil coolers, oil pipelines, indicators, broadband and so on should be cleaned (washed) half a year to a year, preferably at the same time as the replacement of new oil.

Cylinder crusher should be cleaned every six months to one year according to the actual situation of the production process. The scales and coke deposits in the water pipe of the cooler can be cleaned by mechanical method (e.g. through wire cloth) and then by chemical method, i.e. by using 5-6G < caustic sodium solution to clean the coke deposits, and then by using 25-30% hydrochloric acid solution to clean the scales (keeping in the pipe for 5-20 hours). In order to prevent the corrosion of the tubes by hydrochloric acid solution, the pressure water should be used after cleaning with a hydrochloric acid solution. Rinse and neutralize with soda solution.
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