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S&H Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Product Overview

Product Overview

S&H Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Shanhu cone crusher has advanced design and compact body has strong crushing capacity. Crushing efficiency is high and excellent grain shape of product can be produced. Tight-side discharge opening is adjusted by hydraulic pressure. The user can select automatic controlled and various different crushing cavity type and many other high performance characteristics. Each model can meet the various requirements of the user and is easy to use and maintain, with high operational efficiency.

HERCULES S&H series cone crusher is used widely. Different production requirements can be met by selecting proper crushing cavity type and eccentric distance. Our cone crusher is ideal as two-stage and three-stage crusher, its compact structure and easily maintained design characteristic make crushers preferred of crushing equipment.

Outstanding features of S & H series cone crusher make sure to meet the requirements of "various requirements for product use" of customers, guarantee the requests of "easily operation and maintenance" for the products from customer and achieve the pursue of "comprehensive automatic control for process procedures" of customers, meanwhile, HERCULES team has rich practice experience and professional level to ensure that the customers can obtain quick and high efficient service anytime anywhere.
Product Overview
Product Structure

Product Structure

The following is the structure of cone crusher Grey part represents cross section.
Product Structure
1 Arm support cover
2 Pipe joint
3 Head nut
4 Moving cone lining plate
5 Fixed cone lining plate
6 Main axis and moving cone body
7 Eccentric wear-resistant plate
8 Bottom shell bushing
9 Eccentric sleeve
10 Eccentric bushing
11 Push-up bearing
12 Hydraulic piston
13 Pinion shaft housing
14 Pinion axle
15 Dustproof bucket
16 Locating block
17 Dustproof sealing ring
18 Bottom shell assembly
19 Upper shell

Product Perfomance

Product Perfomance
Alternative various cavity type of H680 cone crusher

Technical parameter table
Dim CS420 CS430 CS440 CS660 CH420 CH430 CH440 CH660 CH870 CH880
A φ1285 φ1635 φ2000 φ2800 φ1078 φ1360 φ1540 φ1954 φ2450 φ2660
B 2902 3485 4075 5100 2560 2992 3410 4215 5475 6456
C 1020 1125 1300 1600 1020 1125 1300 1600 2200 2870
D 540 655 745 860 540 655 745 860 1228 1186
E 1342 1705 2030 2640 1000 1212 1365 1755 2045 2400
F 400 422 452 631 400 422 452 631 998 1151
G 843 1061 1280 1497 843 1061 1280 1497 1824 2073
H 1270 1705 1900 2156 1270 1705 1900 2156 2850 3100
I 1703 2050 2420 2895 1425 1688 1985 2344 3095 3545
K 3600 4250 4930 5355 3000 3570 4000 4835 6600 7770

Type Cavity type Max feeding size Motor power Roduction capacity(T/H)of tight-side discharge opening(mm) Weight
(mm) (KW) 32 35 41 44 51 54 60 64 (t)
S760 EC 560 355 295-340 315-360 350-500 370-635 410-825 430-985 465-1070 490-1125 45
C 500 355 285-405 300-430 335-580 355-710 395-905 410-945 445-1025 470-945 45
Type Cavity type Max feeding size Motor power Roduction capacity(T/H)of tight-side discharge opening(mm) Weight
(mm) (KW) 16 19 22 25 32 38 44 51 (t)
H680 M 135 315 197-295 211-440 226-470 240-500 274-502 302-403 32
MC 175 315 162-253 174-426 186-455 198-484 226-552 249-499 273-364 32
C 215 315 171-190 184-367 196-480 209-510 238-582 263-643 288-512 317-353 32
H880 MF 120 600 440-530 515-590 550-1075 585-1140 665-1300 735-1440 805-1575 890-1635 80
M 180 600 510-610 550-705 585-1200 670-1370 740-1510 810-1655 890-1825 80
MC 250 600 540-625 575-995 655-1415 725-1565 795-1715 875-1890 80

  1. Data in the table is only about index of production capacity of crusher.
  2. The data is crusher performance targeting at open production of dried materials with bulk specific weight of 1.6T/m3. And provided that max particle size of feeding is allowable max feeding particle size of the crusher and fine materials less than tight-side discharge opening of the crusher is not included.
  3. The capacity of the crusher will be influenced by selected eccentric distance, crushing ratio, crushing function index of materials, feeding granularity composition, cyclic load capacity, water content in feeding and slit content.
  4. Weight of complete machine includes motor, electrical control, oil station and shelf. 

Product Granulometric Curve
and Installation Dimensiom

Product granulometric curve is related to percentage of crushing product less than tight-side discharge opening (square hole (mm)), crushing index of materials, feeding granularity characteristic and other factors.

Product Granulometric Curve and Installation Dimensiom
Installation dimension

  1. Reference dimension (it is not indoor floor) gives dismantled min size: Hydraulic cylinder, pinion and main shaft.
  2. Dimension in the table is used to guide preparation work before installation and not used for foundation construction.

Excellent Product

Excellent Product Characteristics
  • Easily maintained crusher is overhauled from the upper.
    The CLP crushing cavity is taken as standard configuration for the crusher. Single upper frame body is applicable to all crushing cavity types.
    Solid design provides enough strength and stability for crushing superhard materials and reduces maintenance cost. 
    Lower frame body is equipped with inspection hole.
  • 1. Service life of special alloy manganese steel lining board is longer.
    2. Configuration overloading automatic protection system.
    3. Self-lubricating sealing ring inside the crusher can protect the crusher from the duct.
  • 4. Arm support of lower frame body is equipped with lining plate made of special alloy steel.
    5. Surface quenching hardened spiral helical gear makes the crusher work more quiet, transmission efficiency higher and gear life longer.
    6. Product granulometric curve and production capacity can be optimized by adjusting eccentric sleeve of the crusher.
  • 7. There is big feed opening. Upper arm support is protected by two special alloy steel to effectively prevent wear.
    8. Replaceable main shaft sleeve and double nut provides sufficient protection for main shaft.
    9. CLP crushing cavity design remains feed opening and production capacity unchanged in the complete life cycle.
  • 10. It is easy to adjust gear clearance.
    11. Heavy solid design is used for horizontal shaft. Horizontal shaft and bearing box is integrated structure and can be dismantled no need to dismantle the crusher.
    12. Independent lubrication hydraulic lubricating system
    (1) Bearing of upper arm support is lubricated independently.
    (2) The oil tank can provides lubrication for each bearing. Because the operation of oil pump is independent of the crusher, the bearing can be fully lubricated before the operation of the crusher. Lubricating oil is filtered and cooled. Lubrication and hydraulic system are independent systems respectively and equipped with sliding filter, heating and cooling device, oil pump, temperature and flow monitoring device and electric interlocking.
    (3) Horizontal shaft has independent lubrication system.

Our Enterprise

Our Enterprise
Shanhu Group has excellent advanced level in mining engineering machinery field and accumulates rich mining practice application experience.

We focus on crucial demands in mining engineering field and devote to solving most challenging issue with excellent talents and advanced technology.
We provide excellent crushers for customers and our products extend to mining engineering fields.
So far, our products perform well in mining fields.

We build strong product strength with our creative thought and technology to make customer enterprise more competitive.

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