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Special Belt Conveyor

A. High wear resistance, heavy impact resistance and anti-scratch Belt Conveyor

It is made of high-strength nylon or polyester materials, applicable to mining,  metallurgical and other industries which is along with heavy impact, strong wear or easy tearing.

B. Acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant Belt Conveyor

It is suitable for the transportation of materials containing acid or alkali and that under cold conditions in the chemical, petroleum and fertilizer industries.

C. Colorful Belt Conveyor

There is blue, light yellow, green, etc. No poisonous, no smell, suitable for sugar,  food industries to transport related materials and the electronics industry assembly line.

D. Pattern, rib Belt Conveyor

The core material and structure are the same as ordinary belt or nylon belt. There is a pattern on working surface or a rib at the side, optional herringbone pattern or fish-bone pattern. It is suitable for transportation with high inclination or that is easy to slide and pour.

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Special Belt Conveyor


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