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YKK Series High Voltage Motor
  • YKK Series High Voltage Motor

YKK Series High Voltage Motor

Waland has optimized high voltage motor products and developed series YKK high voltage motors with new technologies, new materials, new processes and advance equipment. Series YKK are engineered with many remarkable features such as high efficient, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight,  reliable performance, easy mounting and maintenance etc.

The series motors conform to national standards. The protection degree on enclosures is IP23, IP44 and IP54, IP55, cooling form is IC01, IC611 and IC81W etc. The mounting arrangement is IMB3.The motors with other corresponding protection degree, cooling form and mounting arrangement can be supplied on customers' requirement.

The series motors with tropical humidity type, tropical and type, outdoor neutral chemical corrosion resistance type and outdoor tropical humidity type are also available. These series motors are variously used to drive many kinds of general-purpose machines,such as compressors,water pumps, crushers, cutting lathes, conveyors and other mechanical equipment installed in coal mine, mechanical industries,petrochemical industries and power plant etc.

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YKK Series High Voltage Motor


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