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Shanhu's success as a famous brand lies in the concentrated efforts of its founder and employees. Engaging in the field of mining machinery for 35 years and in that of motors for 60 years, Shanhu has always inherited traditions and make innovations, thus making history by developing its first crusher in 1984 and starting to develop permanent magnet motors for electric vehicles from 2018.

Shanhu makes every steady advance by laying solid foundations. It establishes itself as a leading brand of mining machinery and motors in China for its revolutionary concepts, innovative technology, quality products and professional services, while its success demonstrates the rise of Chinese private enterprises and the rejuvenation and prosperity of Chinese manufacturing industry.

Shanhu has great foresights in planning and distribution. After optimization, it focuses on such businesses as mining machinery, motors, exploitation of mine resources and new foreign trade, diversifies into the fields of rubber conveyor belts, mine-use dump trucks and real estate, all aiming to promote the Group’s green, intelligent and sustainable development in the world.

The Mining Machinery Division of Shanhu Group, a powerful combination of Hangzhou Shanhu Machinery and Hercules Engineering Machinery, features products covering many fields and series, systematic and integrated mine production lines, including cone crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers, and Chinese rotary crushers with large capacity, vibrating screens, feeders, conveyor belts and complete sets of high-quality wear parts of high-manganese steel. With advanced technology and exceptional quality, Shanhu contributes to the development of the industries of mine exploitation, metallurgy, building material, chemistry and hydropower.

Embracing the philosophy of "science and technology are the primary productive force" and "talents are the most valuable resources", Shanhu, led by the founder, has devoted much effort in research of mining machinery technology, cooperated with Zhejiang University in establishing the Mining Machinery Research Institute of Hangzhou Academy of Machinery Science, obtained many patents for invention, and taken the leading position in the technology for crushers and other mining machinery. And Shanhu’s capacity for serving the globe as a professional mining machinery manufacturer has been further enhanced by its superior strength in technology, modern finishing equipment, and best products, as well as its many years’ experience in the world market.

Waland Motor, an affiliate of Shanhu Group, has innovated and developed seven series of motor products, which have been well received by all the customers for its energy efficiency, reliability, safety and stability when applied in the industries of paper-making, mine, metallurgy, building material, chemistry, textiles, hydropower and transportation. Waland Motor, which introduced technology from Singapore following its establishment in 1958, is one of the pioneers utilizing advanced international technology in China and a drafter of Chinese  standards for the industry of variable frequency motors; guaranteed by considerable large advanced finishing machines, its annual production capacity amounts to 5 million kW. Its core development team, headed by the expert member of the Chinese motor related professional committee, and comprised of other top members, commits to the research and development of permanent magnet motors.

Pursuing an ecology-minded sustainability strategy in exploitation of mine resources, Shanhu Group straightens its management and actively undertakes social responsibilities.

In the New Era, it keeps pace with the times, implements a global strategy, establishes Update Belt Road Internet Commerce (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., which commits itself to new international trade, application of new ideas and technologies, integration of Internet, exhibition & trade, and expansion in the market covered by "The Belt and Road Initiative", thus promoting the development of Shanhu.

Shanhu plans future by virtue of its profound insight. It follows its long-standing tradition of innovation, implements the strategy of "Chinese Drive for the World", expands its presence under "The Belt and Road Initiative", makes contribution to the world, and strives to establish its crushers and motors as famous brands in the world arena.

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