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What is a Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

The vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of rock crushing equipment. It has been used since 1980s. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and high sand production rate. It is especially suitable for stone shaping and machine-made sand production. It can be widely used in fine crushing operations in hydro-power, highway, construction, cement, metal mines and other industries.

There are two types of vertical shaft impact crusher. One is that the material is thrown onto the jaw plate of the crusher housing, which is called rock impact metal crusher. The other is that the crusher has a crushing chamber which constitutes the shell. The rock can be accumulated in the shell with its natural repose angle. The material impacts the rock layer with great speed and causes a certain degree of fragmentation. When the rock is thrown onto an inclined surface, it moves upward to the upper part of the crushing chamber, and then moves downward. The rock curtain thrown continuously from the rotor and subjected to secondary crushing, which is called rock impact rock crusher.

In vertical impact crusher, the circumferential velocity of impeller or rotor can be as high as 99m/s, and materials with very small particle size can be effectively crushed. It has no impact hammer and metal wear is very small. Feed size is generally less than 60 mm. It can be used to crush hard and abrasive materials. It can selectively crush hard and soft materials. It has drying properties. It can replace rod mill by mixed metal.

Vertical shafts impact crushers are designed on the same basis as other impact equipment, depending on the impact between ore and hard objects. Therefore, they share the same basic characteristics with other impact crushers, and their design is superior to that of extrusion crushers. The vertical shaft impact crusher with upper feeding and bottom driving is light in weight and compact in structure. It is very convenient to install in existing or new work flow. A lug device is arranged in the crushing chamber, so that the detained material has a resting angle. The crushed material first moves upward, and then discharges from the rotor through the material flow. The geometric structure of ore-metal vertical impact crusher improves the natural crushing effect by minimizing the number of collisions between given ore blocks and other materials.

The ore is fed into the ore distributor by the feeder, which distributes the material evenly between the guide impellers. If the feed inlet is large enough, the crushing along the natural interface can obtain a high particle size crushing ratio and produce formed product particles. The rotor sprays material horizontally into the impact plane of the crushing chamber through centrifugal force at a very high speed. Ore-ore crusher is designed with lower crushing rate than ore-metal crusher. It is mainly used in the crushing stage of aggregate in mining, such as in front of ball mill. Crushed materials fall into the discharge area, which is the basic working principle of impact crusher. The product is not only perfect but also beautiful in appearance.

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