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What is Crushing Process?

In mineral processing or metallurgy, the first stage of tensile compression is crushing. Depending on the type of rock to break, the process involves two very different techniques. In general, operators can compress and crush hard rocks and abrasives by placing them on a high wear plate or surface. During this process, the things that are impacted and sheared have less abrasive and softer rocks, but also have compression mechanisms for crushing. After the mine blasts, the primary reason we crush the rock is to send it to the next same place.

Since each size decrease stage of crushing is limited to about 6-1 (average), blasting as small as possible is required to make the required number of crushing stages and crushers smaller, so that we can lessen the tough stones in the mine for the sake of economy. Jaw crusher, rotary crusher and cone crusher are typical tough rock crushers. Their working principle is to crush rock by clamping ore between fixed surface and lining.

The amount of depression (depression rate) that can be applied to the rock during each crushing phase is driven by the angle between the two surfaces on both sides, and keep the rock to be crushed moving in the direction and away from each other.

If the angle is too large, the operator will not be able to grasp the presented rock. If the angle is too small, the potential size available to the operator will be reduced. When the operator pulls the rocks from the top of the crushing chamber (feed) to the discharge chamber (set near the side) by gravity, the rocks are subjected to multiple impacts, which can lead to their crushing.

Following TNT, the crusher is the most sufficient rock decreasing hammer in the mineral processing industry. The more crushers there are, the less grinding power there is, and the smaller grinder you need. There are not many small SAG mills below 2000 TPD, so most mills below 2000 TPD are constructed with bar mills and/or ball mills; upstream crusher plants use plenty of crushing capacity to provide P80 to crush usually less than 1.5 (40mm) and usually less than 3/8 (9mm) fine crushing. Production of such refined crushing usually needs more crushing stations, up to four, but at least two super large ones. The air gap determines the maximum acceptable size of the material. The elementary crusher is designed so that the biggest scale which is available to the crusher is approximately 80% of the opening. The jaw crusher operates to produce a decrease in size between 4:1 and 9:1. The rotary crusher can produce size decrease rate in the range of 3:1 to 10:1.



Fundamental Up to 60" (1.5m)  6"-12" (150- 300mm)
bodkin/HPGR 6"-18" (150-450mm)  1 1/4"-5" (40-130mm) less important
Third and fourth bodkin/HPGR 3/4"-6" (20-150mm)  1/4"-1" (5-25mm)
Large processing plants with semi-self-grinding machine > 2000-200000tpd crusher only need one crusher, and its selection and design are based on:
1. Prospective throughput capacity
2. Particle size distribution of F8O top material
3. Ideal scale distribution of P80 products
4. Feeding means
5. Ore working figure
6. The density of ore accumulation
7. Ore wear figure (wear rate)
8. The compressive strength of rocks
9. The clay content of ores
10. Ore reduction

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