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What is Jaw Crusher?

The jaw crusher is mainly used as a coarse crusher and a medium crusher in mining, building materials and infrastructure. According to the width of the feed port, it is divided into three types: large, medium and small. The feed port width is larger than 600MM for large machines. The feed port width is 300-600MM for medium-sized machines. The feed port width is less than 300mm for small-sized machines. machine. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and reliable in operation.

The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaws, one is a fixed jaw (fixed), the vertical (or the upper end is slightly inclined) fixed on the front wall of the body, and the other is the movable jaw (moving), the position Tilting, forming a large and small crushing cavity (working cavity) with the fixed jaw. The movable jaws periodically reciprocate against the fixed jaws, sometimes separated and sometimes close. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower portion; when it is close, the material between the two jaws is crushed by bending, bending and splitting.

The jaw crusher can be divided into a simple swing jaw crusher (simplified pendulum jaw crusher) according to the different swinging modes of the movable jaw. There are three kinds of complex swing jaw crusher (complex pendulum jaw crusher) and integrated swing jaw crusher.

Steps:No-load test
(1) The jaw crusher is continuously operated for 2 hours, and the bearing temperature rise must not exceed 30 °C.
(2) All fasteners should be firm and free of looseness.
(3) The flywheel and the sheave are running smoothly.
(4) All friction parts have no scratches, chipping and grinding, and there is no abnormal sound.
(5) The adjusting device of the discharge opening should ensure the adjustment range of the discharge opening.

2. On-load test
(1) The jaw crusher must not have periodic or significant impact or impact sounds.
(2) The maximum feed size should meet the design requirements.
(3) Continuous operation for 8h, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 °C.

3. Crusher preparation work
(1) Carefully check that the lubrication of the bearing is good and that there is sufficient grease at the joint of the thrust plate.
(2) Carefully check that all fasteners are tight.
(3) Carefully check that the belt is good. If any damage is found, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or pulley, wipe the oil with a rag.
(4) Check if the protective device is good and remove it when it is found to be unsafe.
(5) Check whether there are ore or debris in the crushing chamber. If there is ore or debris, it must be cleaned to ensure the crusher cavity starts.

Advantage of using Jaw Crusher

1. Effectively solved the problem that the original limestone crusher has high operation rate and no maintenance time due to low output.
2. The crushing of large limestone can be completed, and the maximum crushing particle size is 1000*1200mm, which effectively solves the problem that the original “one side is limestone supply shortage, and a large amount of large limestone can not be used while being stored”.
3. The mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the amount of desulfurized limestone is greatly increased. The dosage can reach 60%, which effectively reduces the cost of raw materials.
4. Power consumption has declined. The electricity consumption of 1 ton of limestone is reduced by 1-2KWh/t, and the annual electricity cost can be saved by 100,000 yuan.
5. the scrap size is small, only 2-15mm effectively solves the problem that the original limestone has a large particle size, often blocking the slippery and even affecting the output of the mill.
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