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  • Research & DevelopmentResearch & Development2018/10/16View
  • Technical HelpTechnical Help2018/10/16Technical HelpShanhu Group provides customers with full-service of crushers and motors. We provide free site survey, material testing, market analysis, program design, investment return analysis, deli...View
  • After-sale ServiceAfter-sale Service2018/10/16Mining Machinery1. The products provided by Shanhu Commitment are all qualified products, and are strictly implemented in accordance with technical standards and related requirements. In addition to c...View
  • Shipping InfoShipping Info2018/10/16Port: Mining machinery and Motor -- Shanghai portBelt Conveyor and Mine Truck -- Shenzhen portTransportation: By vessel, airport, rail, truckPlace of Origin: Mining machinery -- HangzhouMotor -- Jiaxi...View
  • Warranty PolicyWarranty Policy2018/10/16Warranty PeriodIn addition to consumables, consumables, and standard parts, the equipment used for normal operation is warranted for 12 months.Providing lifetime service after the warranty period. Sha...View
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