Shanhu Group

After-sale Service

Mining Machinery

1. The products provided by Shanhu Commitment are all qualified products, and are strictly implemented in accordance with technical standards and related requirements. In addition to consumables, consumables, and standard parts, the equipment used for normal operation is warranted for 12 months. Providing lifetime service after the warranty period. 

2. Respond on the day of daily accidents, respond to major complex accidents on the same day, and handle within 24 hours.

3. Warranty scope: In addition to wearing parts, consumable parts and standard parts, it mainly includes: main body parts such as frame body, main shaft, moving cone, gear, adjusting sleeve and eccentric sleeve.

4. Both parties may agree to retain a certain amount of quality and security credit, and pay after the expiration of the warranty period.

5. After the project is launched, we will organize the working group to stay at your project site, be responsible for the coordination of the project, organize the installation and production of on-site equipment and facilities, and debug production.

6. To maximize the quality of service, fully demonstrate the sincerity of our cooperation and maximize the economic benefits of yours. We promise to place the common consumables and consumables involved in the production line in your warehouse for storage. The amount is settled periodically.

7. After the project is running, we can assign 1-2 relevant technicians to track your services for a long time.
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