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Technical Help

Technical Help
Shanhu Group provides customers with full-service of crushers and motors. We provide free site survey, material testing, market analysis, program design, investment return analysis, delivery inspection test machine, site planning, foundation construction guidance, equipment installation guidance, production line management training, original parts supply, project modification services in crusher. The motor provides pre-tech communication, perfect model matching and after-sales service to ensure full service of the product.

Perfect Stocking System
After the preliminary product consultation confirmed the order, the factory began stocking. In strict accordance with the stocking list for product manufacturing, monitoring and control, quality inspection, verification of orders, and completion of shipment packaging shipments.

Professional Technical Team
In order to solve the pre-sales and after-sales installation and maintenance problems that customers may face in time, Shanhu Group has created a huge engineering and technical team to ensure customers enjoy the most complete technical services with its deep specialization.

Sound Service Mechanism
Shanhu 1600+ people will serve you wholeheartedly. The complete service mechanism covers customer service consulting, communication sales, technical design, R&D and production, installation and maintenance.

Strong mines, motors, East China production base, deep development strength for customers continue to create value
In order to ensure product safety and stability, the entire manufacturing process from raw materials, parts processing, inspection and testing to installation and commissioning has always maintained a full range of quality control; at the same time, the company's R & D and manufacturing of new mining machinery products must go through the mine test base. Only after the actual use can the market be launched.

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