Shanhu Group


Shanhu products cover crushers, motors, conveyor belts, mine dump trucks, etc. The major products are applied to the core industry of mining, extending to metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, hydropower, silicic acid, transportation, paper, textile, fan, food and coal industries.

Mining Machinery

Crusher, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen products are mainly used in the crushing and beneficiation of mine stone. Shanhu crushing equipment can help the crushing of ore involved in all metallurgy, building materials, chemical, hydropower and other industries.


Shanhu Motor focuses on three-phase asynchronous AC motors. The company's 7 major motor series are widely used in mining machinery, water pumps, fans, paper, CNC, reducer, construction machinery and other industries. The YE3 ultra-efficient energy-saving motor developed by the company is especially suitable for high-energy-consuming industries, such as wind pump manufacturing, cement, papermaking, etc., with considerable energy-saving benefits.

Belt Conveyor

The seven series of Shanhu belt conveyor are used for large-scale continuous transportation in mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemical, food and other industries, transporting block, powder, paste and pieces.

Mine Truck

Mine dump trucks often work in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form loading, unloading and unloading production lines, and carry out loading and unloading work of earthwork, sand and gravel.

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