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1000tph Concrete Aggregate Production Line

In May 2018, Shanhu designed a concrete aggregate production line with a crushing capacity of 1,000 tons per hour (including stone powder) for a building engineering company in Fujian with a product size of 31.5mm or less and a product sheet rate controlled within 10%. Dry production of crushing production line, spray dust removal.

Production line equipment program:

Crushing system:
1 set of first-stage crushing design PE1300×1600 jaw crusher; 1 set of SH1660 double-axis bar feeder in front of crusher; 1 set of SH400/B cone crusher in secondary crushing design; 1 buffer silo; 1st stage crushing design S760 single cylinder cone breaking 1; 4 grade crushing design H680 single cylinder cone breaking 2 sets; aggregate shaping system design SC-800 impact type shaping machine 2 sets; first screening Design SZF3073 double-axis double-excitation double-out screen 4 sets; the second screen design SZF3073 double-axis double-excitation double-out screen 3 sets; the third line-shaping design SZF2470 double-axis double-vibration vibrating screen 2 sets; belt The conveyor design is about 25 800 meters.

Excavation, blasting and transportation system equipment:

2 sets of 1250 transformers, 6 sets of Komatsu 360 excavators, 10 sets of 35 cubic mining trucks, 4 sets of 50-forklifts, and 2 sets of welding pneumatic drills.

The concrete foundation:

the crusher foundation, the intermediate buffer foundation foundation, the vibrating screen foundation, the plant foundation, the belt conveyor foundation and the total hardening of the road are about 2800 cubic meters.

Environmental protection facilities:

1 set of vacuum devices, 5 sets of water sprinklers, 4 sets of water atomization treatment devices.

Non-standard production:

300 tons of various steels such as operation platform, safety guardrail, maintenance passage, belt promenade.

Electrical facilities:

1 set of cable, 1 set of production line control system, 1 set of stone deep processing equipment control system.

Lifting equipment:

1 set of 50 tons of vehicles and 1 set of 20 tons of vehicles.

Steel structure workshop and belt conveyor closure:

2,000 square meters of crushing, screening, deep processing plant, warehouse and machine repair plant.

office facilities, monitoring equipment, living facilities, lighting systems, etc.

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