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2000tph Building Aggregate Gravel Production Line

In March 2018, Shanhu designed two building aggregate production lines for an mining building in Anhui, one ordinary aggregate production line and another high-quality aggregate production line. The crushing system and the screening system design the water atomizing spray treatment device to reduce dust.

Production equipment:

No.1 ordinary aggregate line: 1 set of PXZ1200 rotary crusher for coarse crushing design; 2 sets of SH400/B standard cone crusher for medium crushing design; 4 sets of SH400/D short cone cone crusher or H680 high speed cone machine 4 The first screen design SZF3073 double-axis double-excited vibrating screen 8 sets; the second screen design SZF3073 double-axis double-vibration vibrating screen 4 sets; belt conveyor design 33 treaty 2199 meters.

No. 2 fine aggregate line: 1 set of PXZ1200 rotary crusher for coarse crushing design; 4 sets of PF1820 counter crusher for medium and fine crushing design; 8 sets of SZF2470 double-axis double-excited vibrating screen for first screen design; SZF2470 for second screen design 8 sets of double-axis double-vibration vibrating screen; belt conveyor design 31 treaty 2040 meters.

Finished product library system:

Construct a finished product warehouse with a length of 240 meters, a width of 70 meters and a height of 18 meters. Under the library, we designed 12 automatic conveyor systems for the installation of belt conveyors.

Concrete base:
The crusher foundation, the intermediate buffer foundation, the vibrating screen foundation, the finished material base, and the belt conveyor basic total amount is about 14,580 cubic meters.

Environmental protection facilities:
40 sets of water spray devices.
Non-standard production:
The operating platform, safety fence, maintenance access, belt corridor and other steel products are about 800 tons.

Electrical facilities:
There are X transformers, 1 cable line and 2 sets of production line control system.

Lifting equipment:
One 50-ton bridge, one 20-ton, and one 10-ton.

Office facilities, monitoring equipment, living facilities, lighting systems, etc.

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