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900tph Building Aggregate Production Line

The customer is an engineering construction company in Xiamen. Shanhu helped him design a complete building aggregate production line with an hourly crushing capacity of 900 tons and a product size of 31.5mm or less. The product sheet rate is controlled within 10%. The daily processing capacity is 8,000 to 10,000 tons, with an annual output of 3 million tons of building aggregates, of which 800,000 tons of sand is produced annually. The entire crushing production line is closed with steel structure workshops, and the belt conveyors outside the exposed factory are all closed. The crushing system is designed with water atomization treatment and vacuuming device to reduce dust, so that there is no dust pollution in the entire plant area.

Production line equipment configuration:

Broken system:
One stage crushing design PE1300×1600 jaw crusher; one stage crushing design SH400/B cone crusher 1; three-stage crushing design SH400/DC cone crusher 1; four-stage crushing design SH400/DX cone crusher 1 set; the first screening design SZF3073 double-axis double-excited vibrating screen 6 sets; the second screening design SZF2470 double-axis double-excited vibrating screen 4 sets; the belt conveyor design is about 27 1233 meters.

Sand making system:
Artificial sand is produced by using stone powder produced by a crushing system. Design 2 sets of V315 sand making machine; 3 sets of SH2470 vibrating screen, and supporting belt conveyor.

Concrete base:
The total amount of crusher foundation, intermediate buffer foundation, vibrating screen foundation, finished material base, plant foundation, belt conveyor foundation and road hardening is about 8270 cubic meters.

Environmental protection facilities:
1 set of vacuum cleaner, 10 sets of water spray device and 4 sets of water atomization treatment device.

Non-standard production:
Operating platform, safety fence, maintenance access, belt corridor and other steel 220 tons.

Electrical facilities:
1 transformer, 1 set of cable, 1 set of production line control system, 1 set of sand control equipment control system.

Lifting equipment:
2 sets of 16 tons of vehicles.

Steel structure workshop and belt conveyor closure:

The total area of crushing, screening, intermediate storage, finished product warehouse, deep processing plant, warehouse and machine repair plant is 6,880 square meters; the belt conveyor is closed 260 meters.

Office facilities, monitoring equipment, living facilities, lighting systems, etc.

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