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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Daily Maintenance Of Impact Crusher?

In order to keep the impact crusher in good working condition, it needs regular maintenance. The main matters needing attention:

Before starting the impact crusher, check the fastening state of all bolts, and check whether the running part is stuck. Start up only when everything is normal.

It should be started in no-load state, otherwise it will increase the load of the motor, cause excessive starting current and even burn the motor. The feeding amount should be as even as possible in the direction of the length of the rotor. Otherwise, it will accelerate the local wear of the hammer and counter plate and reduce the productivity of the machine.

The amount of feed should also be even to avoid the large change of the load of the hammer as it rotates in a circle, making the machine produce unbalanced vibration. Because the impact crusher is a high-speed rotating machine, it is better to use the supporting feeding equipment with continuous feeding. The operator should not open the observation port to check while the machine is running. He should also avoid close to the feed mouth in order not to be hurt by material block. When the machine is running, you should observe the rise of temperature of the rotor of the main bearing. Under normal circumstances, the rise of temperature of the bearing should not be more than 35 ℃, the highest temperature does not exceed 70 ℃. If the temperature rise is higher than the specified value, stop the vehicle immediately for inspection.

In operation, if the machine vibration is too large, quickly stop to check the reason. The balance of the rotor of the impact crusher is very important. After assembling or replacing the hammer, the balance of the rotor must be maintained. Properly operate and maintain equipment during operation. Keep an eye on the running condition of the rotor and deal with problems as soon as possible. When counterattack plate and plate and hammer are worn, they should be repaired or replaced by surfacing, such as high manganese steel or hard alloy. The static balance test of the rotor should also be carried out after the repair of plate hammer surfacing.
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